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Beth G.
“Wow! After trying this, I literally felt something in my head click into place for learning music by ear!” 
– Beth G.
Simon R.
“Since the moment I started applying these methods, I have started to be able to hear chords more clearly. This has already made me feel more musical… It's like I have been shown the common thread between songs that I had never fully realized before.”
– Simon R.
Felipe B.
“This experience has been fantastic because every day I discover something new. It’s a road to discover the real musician inside of you!”
– Felipe B.
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Over $5,517 Worth of Proven High-Impact Training To Dramatically Upgrade Your Musicality…
And I can’t stress enough how much of an impact this will have on your progress as a musician…

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Not to mention all the other courses, resources, and more for a total of $5,517 FREE

With the new membership you’ll get FULL access to the Musical U training vault, featuring over 50 dedicated modules covering every topic in modern musicality.

For over 8 years these specific modules have taught thousands of musicians skills they never dreamed would be possible.

And you’ll get instant access to ALL of them.
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With the new membership you’ll also get exclusive access to a fresh new musicality masterclass each month…

Where you’ll get to experience a jam-packed hour of the best lessons, tips, strategies, and cheat codes from a world-renowned musical expert…

Handing you dozens of golden nuggets of wisdom, any one of which could trigger a quantum leap in progress with both your musical skills and understanding of music itself. 
As If That Wasn’t Enough,
You’ll also be getting a monthly delivery to your door of The Journey, delivering our best insights based on more than a decade of experience…. 

Teaching thousands upon thousands of students who have played every instrument you can imagine, across all skill levels, and backgrounds…

Designed to help you stay fresh and in momentum building your musical skills - along with a bunch of exciting extras covered in just a moment...

But that’s not even beginning to scratch the surface of what you’ll get with this insane offer…
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The Vault
The Vault
50+ Proven Musicality Training Modules and Roadmaps
If you want to quickly upgrade your skills on a set of specific topics, then you’re going to love the musicality training modules and Roadmaps packed into The Vault...

Each module is packed with text, video, audio and interactive exercises to help you learn fast. Often a single module can deliver more extensive learning and better results than other people release as a full “course” priced at $30-50.

You can use the modules in a “pick and choose” way to suit yourself.

Or simply follow one of the six Roadmaps which give you a high-level overview of what’s involved with mastering a specific musical skill - doing all the “planning” for you, while keeping you fully flexible as you move forwards. 

Either way, you’ll be rapidly developing specific skills using our proven Learn, Practice, Apply methodology…

Which will help you internalize the concepts, express them with your instrument, and then apply them to real world situations and music.
Value: $1,500+
A New Musicality Masterclass Every Month…
… PLUS 20+ In The Library!
Each month, we’ll be inviting a world-class musical expert to share their latest and most cutting-edge insights for over an hour. 

Just one of these insights could dramatically change how you practice, experience, and play music forever…

And while it might cost hundreds of dollars to take a private lesson with these genius educators (if you knew where to even find them)...

When you say “maybe” and test-drive membership for 30 days, you’ll instantly unlock over twenty of these priceless recorded sessions for FREE

Here are just a handful of the guests and topics we’ve covered in the past:  
  • The fascinating and counterintuitive neuroscience that allows ordinary musicians to learn 5-10 times faster than normal - Gregg Goodhart (a.k.a. “The Learning Coach”)
  • All the common “under the radar” practice habits that could be holding back your music progress, including “chopping wood with a spoon”, “clock watching”, and “red light running” - Jennifer Foxx (highly-regarded “teacher of teachers”)
  • The surprising reason why practicing easier music can lead to better progress - Dave Isaacs (a.k.a. The Guitar Guru of Nashville).
  • ​3 keys to accelerate your learning and the specific frameworks that help you get the most out of every minute of practice time - Mars Gelfo (creator of best-selling practice tool Modacity)
Imagine being able to just flip on one of these masterclasses, and sit back and relax - knowing you’ll come away with enhanced musicality… 

Discover for yourself why musicians have been calling it “Better Than Netflix”.
Value: $199 + $30/month
The Journey
Our Monthly Value-Packed Digest
"The Journey"
Delivered To Your Doorstep, Anywhere In The World..
Every month you’ll be getting a free physical copy of the latest issue of our exclusive “insiders-only” digest, designed to accelerate, boost and uplift your musical progress, every single month. 

For the past 13+ years we’ve been scouring the planet for the best teaching methods…

While seeking out world-class experts to work with on every musical topic imaginable…

And then we’ve taken all of the best methods we’ve discovered…

And tested all of them with thousands of ordinary music-learners from every background, instrument type, and skill level imaginable…

Conducting hundreds of “musical experiments” each week for more than a decade…

While taking note of all those intriguing breakthrough moments that unlocked fast progress and dramatic transformations…


We have more game-changing insights hidden away in our archives than we even really know what to do with!

And with this monthly dispatch we’ll be hand picking our most fascinating discoveries to allow you to experience those “aha!” moments that can quickly upgrade your musical skills.

It’s chock-full of ideas, tips, information, interviews, stories, games, entertainment and more, all geared towards helping you along in your own musical journey.
“This is like having the Musical U team show up in person on your doorstep each month, ready to rapidly and enthusiastically share all the latest and greatest musicality goodies with you personally.

Even if all you do with your membership each month is flick through The Journey, and pluck out a golden nugget or two, I know you’re going to find it a game-changer!”
Value: $49/month
Live Q&A
Monthly Live Q&A Call
Plus 24/7 Support
Now, while there is a LOT of exciting material for you to dive into with this insane offer today…

You’ll never feel lost or stuck.

Because you can leave a question at any time, day or night, on the discussion board for each lesson…

And receive a prompt, friendly response from a musical expert who is dedicated to helping you to overcome your current sticking point.

But if you prefer something more personal?

You’ll love our monthly Live Q&A Call, where you can speak directly with members of our team and have all of your questions answered in detail (perhaps even with an on-the spot demonstration or tutorial), right there on the call.
Continual Access to a Brilliant
 of Growth-Minded Musicians Like You
Musical U is one of the most wonderful learning environments you’ll probably ever encounter.

Our thousands of students support, encourage and enlighten each other along this shared journey…

Which means that you experience faster, easier, and more enjoyable progress developing your new musical skills.

Just listen to what Musical U member Christine L. had to say about it:

“In the past I often felt that learning music was a lonely journey and sometimes it felt like a chore. But the MU Team and the community have managed to keep my motivation high. 

It goes without saying how well structured the lessons are. In addition to that, reading everybody’s comments is like having a bonus lesson. I sincerely thank you all for that!”

Living Music
WORTH $3,642,
Living Music is our highest level transformational musicality program.
It has produced astonishing results for thousands of ordinary musicians (from total beginner to grizzled veteran)…

Delivering every impressive musical skill you can think of! 

Designed around four 12-week "Seasons", the program provides a clear day-by-day plan of action - while remaining fully flexible to suit your schedule. You can do the Seasons in any order, and continually adjust the balance of material to suit your available time, interest, and progress.

More than anything else we’ve done here at Musical U…

And more than any other course, program, book or app that exists to enhance your musicality or unleash your musical instinct…

Living Music produces breakthrough after breakthrough for regular, average, everyday music learners of all kinds.
Hear It Direct From Living Music Students:
Start Your Test-Drive Of Membership Today And We'll Include...
Living Music
($499 Value)
With the 12 weeks of fun daily lessons and exercises inside the Spring Season, you’ll be handed revolutionary new “mental models” for interpreting rhythm and pitch…

Which will unlock a profoundly deeper understanding of music, allowing you to:
  • Quickly recognise notes and rhythms without even thinking about it, and be able to play music by ear. 
  • Express musical ideas on the fly with ease (making improvisation as natural as speaking in your native language). 
  • Intuitively grasp music notation and theory, seeing them a simple, easy, and natural part of playing music that now “just makes sense”.
….all with just 15-30 minutes of practice time each day!

And because these mental models are carefully designed to match your brain’s natural approach to learning…

And leverage what it already understands about the tens of thousands of hours of music you’ve listened to in your life…

You’ll make shockingly fast progress with this method and experience a near-instant transformation with how you learn, experience, and play music.  
Spring Graduates Are Saying...
Living Music
($499 Value)
In the Summer Season of Living Music, you’ll discover why and how you’ve always been naturally creative…

… but have just never had the means to access this brilliant part of your musical mind. 

During the fun, short daily lessons and exercises in this 12-week program, you’ll learn our renowned Expansive Creativity™ framework…

Which will allow you to effortlessly express the awesome music you hear in your mind and feel deep in your soul…

By learning: 
  • The Improviser’s Mindset - a radically different way of looking at music, allowing you to automatically think and perform like a truly creative musician.
  • Constraints and Dimensions - a counterintuitive approach that avoids the overwhelm of endless possibilities and shows you how to use restrictions and musical dimensions, which virtually forces you to become creative.
  • The Improv Cycle - this allows you to understand what creative expression sounds and feels like and gives the exact steps needed to continually refine your creative instinct. With this powerful tool, you’ll learn how to become the best teacher you never had.
  • ​Improvise to Learn - a revolutionary method that allows you to learn more songs, concepts, techniques, and develop your creativity all while actually practicing less. (This sounds too good to be true until you understand the neuroscience behind it). 
And over the course of 12 weeks, with just 30 minutes (or less) of intriguing lessons and fun but simple exercises each day…

You’ll suddenly start expressing fantastic sounding music through your instrument as easily as you can converse with others.
Summer Graduates Are Saying...
Living Music
($499 Value)
In the 12 week Autumn Season, you’ll be taught a fundamentally different approach to playing music by ear, that combats the number one reason why most methods fail…

Because instead of learning so-called “ear training” in a dry, abstract way that is totally divorced from actual music…

(isolated recordings of chords or note intervals are certainly not on any of my playlists!)

You’ll instead develop this skill in a way that is intimately connected to the fantastic music you love, hear, and want to play…

So instead of passing “aural skills” exams or “ear training tests” and then being left wondering why you can’t actually apply those skills to real music…

You’ll quickly be able to do amazing things like: 
  • Rapidly learning any song, solo, or live performance that you can think of 
  • Singing in tune easily (because you’ll be able to accurately adjust the pitch of your voice with your upgraded musical ear). 
  • Effortlessly expressing the music you hear in your imagination by simply playing it by ear (which will dramatically improve your ability to write songs and creatively improvise). 
  • IIntuitively understanding “what makes music work” on a deep level (because you’ll simply be putting words to things your ears have internalized). 
…and much more!

However, because you’ll be doing this in a much more enjoyable and exciting way…

You’ll also see faster results, while loving every minute of the process! 
Autumn Graduates Are Saying...
Living Music
($499 Value)
In the Winter Season, you’ll be given a simple but mind-shatteringly impactful way of understanding music theory on a whole new level.

That’s because we’ll be handing you a unique tool that unravels the mysteries of pitch itself.

Once you learn how this simple but powerful mechanism works, you’ll be able to explain and understand everything pitch related in music…

Including keys, scales, chords, notes, harmonies… essentially, anything you can think of.

But the best part?

You can actually apply this concept with your instrument which means you can literally play your way to understanding and internalizing this powerful new tool…

You get to learn it in a way that is practical and musical - empowering you to use this new music theory knowledge to create fantastic-sounding music….

Making it far more engaging, enjoyable and rewarding than trying to memorize endless pages of boring rules.

This powerful and musical-life changing transformation awaits you long before you reach the end of the 12 weeks of daily bite-sized lessons and exercises packed into Winter Season.
Winter Graduates Are Saying...
Active Listening
Living Music
4-D Active Listening
($799 Value)
Have you ever wondered what a professional musician actually hears when they listen to music?

It’s a vastly different experience compared to the average person…

And you can easily see this for yourself! 

Because when they play solos and songs, improvise, compose, or perform any musical skill…

It’s on a totally different level for one simple reason:

They can hear subtle and intricate details in the world’s best music that almost no one else notices.

However they don’t just notice these genius (and oftentimes simple) musical techniques and methods…

But by applying these same listening skills to their own performances, improvisation, composition, and more… 

They know exactly how, where, and when to inject these brilliant ideas into their own work too. 

And here’s the best part about this…

While these ninja listening skills might seem like a “talent” you have to be born with… 

It’s actually one of the easiest and most enjoyable musical skills to learn - IF taught in the right way.
Active Listening
We’ve been able to distil out the simple steps that will take out all of the guesswork out of the process…

Allowing you to almost instantly step into a new dimension of understanding with music… 

Noticing fascinating details with songs you thought you knew inside out.

We’ve taken that unique 4-D Active Listening framework…

And connected it to all of the lessons and concepts throughout the four Seasons of Living Music.

Which means you’ll not only get an entire year's worth of bite-sized lessons that help you learn this incredibly valuable skill…

But you’ll also be able to relate everything you learn in the Seasons immediately to real-world music… 

Giving you a deeper understanding of the concepts, and showing you how to apply them in more musical ways…

All while dramatically improving your awareness, experience, intuitive understanding and pure appreciation for the music you love!
Living Music
Transformational Mindset
($299 Value)
There’s an old Henry Ford quote that reads:
“Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t - you’re right”.
And this is something we’ve definitely noticed in over a decade in the music education space. 

It may not be the sexiest topic…

But once we remove the dead weight of false limitations, myths and misunderstandings, and in-built limiting beliefs that have been holding a musician back for years…

Their results suddenly get catapulted forward, practically overnight. 

With the mind-transforming insights you'll discover inside the Mindset modules each Season, you will be primed for massive, fast success even with your most ambitious musical goals. 
Living Music
Singing Modules Like No Other
($299 Value)
Even if you have no desire to sing in front of others or become a professional singer…

This might be the most powerful training you'll ever go through.

Here’s why:

Over the past 13+ years, we’ve noticed that using singing as a tool in your musical training…

By learning to simply sing more in tune…

Will have more of a positive effect on your musicality than almost any other training technique. 

That’s because it unlocks skills like…

  • Easily finding the key of a song simply by singing (or humming) different sustained notes while the music plays.
  • Play songs by ear with greater ease because you’ll be able to sing back sections on a loop and at different speeds, while working out the notes with your instrument (plus, by learning to sing in tune, your musical ear will automatically become far more accurate). 
  • Directly express the ideas you hear in your imagination through your voice and then translate that to your instrument (this will vastly upgrade your creativity and phrasing).  
  • And much more, all day every day!
And the best part?

You don’t need to become a world-class singer to unlock any of these amazing benefits.

You just need to learn how to sing more in tune (which everyone is capable of). 

On top of that, almost every time we’ve brought a student through this training, they’ve been surprised and absolutely delighted to discover a new-found confidence and comfortability with their own singing voice.

So who knows? 

Even if right now “learning to sing” is the furthest thing from your intention…

Maybe you’ll surprise yourself by quickly adding not only a powerful new tool for your musical development - but an exciting and highly-coveted new musical instrument to your skillset too :)  
Expert Workshops
Living Music
Expert Workshops Every Season
($249 Value)
Over the better part of a decade and a half, we’ve had the fortunate opportunity to work with some of the world’s most amazing music educators…

Giving our students the chance to learn from the best of the best, at what they specialize teaching in the most. 

So when we built the Living Music program, we knew exactly who to call in, to enhance each and every Season even further.

And when you say “maybe” and test-drive membership today, you’ll not only get access to our fresh new masterclass each month…

You’ll also get access to every Season’s expert workshop recordings too!

That includes:
  • Visual Learning Guides by Dr Hannah Chan-Hartley - an exciting new way to connect your new active listening skills to a simple visual representation on a page, without needing to get into the nitty-gritty of complex sheet music.
  • Improvisation Games For Musicians by Jeffrey Agrell - a unique and powerful approach that lets anyone play their way into musical creativity. 
  • How To Identify And Play Chord Progressions By Ear by Sarah Gulish - this interesting approach combines the highest formalities of academic education… with the most informal “let’s sit around and jam on our guitars” traditions of music learning - creating spectacular results. 
  • Instrument Specific Workshops From Our Resident Pros which includes workshops for piano (Ruth Power), bass (Steve Lawson), guitar (Dylan Welsh), and singing (Clare Wheeler).  
And that's just a taste!

You can watch this wide range of fascinating workshops on demand from your smartphone, tablet or computer… 

Whenever and wherever you like…

Bringing your Season-by-Season experience to a whole new level.
Living Music
Living Music Is Valued At


And normally available by invitation only…

With a year long commitment…
Right Now All You Have To Do Is Say
And This Insane Gift Of The Entire Year-Long Living Music Program... 

PLUS Even More...

Is Yours… For Free! 
Here’s What Musicians Are Saying About The High-Impact Musicality Training In Your FREE Gift...
Nicolas A.
“With this new approach now I finally understand some things about improvisation! This method has given me a much different perspective. Now I’m able to hear the chords, my ear is getting better and my feeling of time is getting better too!” 
– Nicolas A.
Thulane A.
“You’re confident that when you’ve been taught this, should anyone decide at any point to ask you to play… at a birthday party, for their reggae band, or anything like that… you’re ready, you don’t even have to think about it.” 
– Thulane A.
David W.
“This has given me a real breakthrough with pitch. Having spent many years, right from early school days, under the impression I was ‘tone deaf’ (yet loving music) I had no sense of ‘C-ness’, ‘D-ness’ etc. Now I’ve been ‘shown the light’ - I know that telling C from C# from D is not an issue for me! 
– David W.
“Something magical is happening here, that is not like anything that I’ve ever encountered.” 
– Jennie L.
Jennie L.
Your Gift
Get over $5,517 worth of musicality training for FREE - just for saying “maybe!” 
All You Have To Do Is Say “MAYBE” And The Gift Is Yours…. for FREE!
We wanted to pull out all the stops and give you every reason to join our exciting and game-changing new community of music-learners…

By giving you one more, mouth-watering bonus gift that you cannot get anywhere else!
Free Gift #9
 Shipped To Your Door, Including Internationally!
The Missing Manual
The Missing Manual
($97 Value)
Finally: the book you always wished you had…

In a single volume, we’re compiling ALL the very best, most impactful, most transformational insights, tools, tips and techniques for developing your musicality.

These are the lessons which should be part of every musician’s journey from day one…

But are NEVER taught - except here at Musical U.

For the first time ever, we’re including ALL our most powerful material in a single volume you can keep within easy reach.

This book is exclusively available as part of this special offer today.

Meaning: even if you wanted to, you can’t buy The Missing Manual anywhere else!

Only those in the new membership will have exclusive access to this precious resource.

Inside The Missing Manual, you’ll be getting all of the ideas, concepts, frameworks, techniques, tips, strategies and methods we’ve developed…

In almost 15 years of teaching thousands of ordinary musicians to have extraordinary breakthroughs with seemingly-magical musical skills.

All packed all into one high-density resource that you can keep beside your instrument or within reach at all times…

So that any time you need quick access to the formulas, methods, strategies or “cheat codes” that unlock any musical skill you can think of…

Whether you need help with:

Woman with book
  • Figuring out how to play a certain piece by ear.
  • ​A specific bit of music theory you’re trying to make sense of and relate to songs you love.
  • Accelerating your learning so you make rapid progress during practice.
  • Knowing how to inject emotion and expression into a solo you're currently practicing.
  • ​Being able to come up with great-sounding, creative musical ideas of your own for improvisation.
You’ll have all the answers at your fingertips.

And who knows?

One day, this treasured resource may even become something you hand down to future generations of musicians in your family...
Value: $97
Note: The Missing Manual will begin shipping in early December. Artwork is not final and shipping times may vary internationally. This is our free gift to you as a new member and we will not charge you for shipping and handling!
So, What Are You Waiting For?!
All you have to do is say “MAYBE” now and ALL these gifts are yours… FOR FREE!
Everything You Get
When You Say “Maybe” Today, You Can Have ALL Of This…
  • The "VAULT": 50+ Training Modules And Roadmaps...............($1,500 Value)
  • Monthly Digest, Delivered To Your Door.................................($49/month Value)
  • Monthly Masterclass PLUS 20+ In The Library.....($199 + $30/month Value)
  • Monthly LIVE Q&A Call...........................................................................(PRICELESS!)
  • ​A Friendly And Supportive Community Like No Other................(PRICELESS!)
  • ​Living Music SPRING Season................................................................($499 Value)
  • Living Music SUMMER Season.............................................................($499 Value)
  • ​Living Music AUTUMN Season.............................................................($499 Value)
  • Living Music WINTER Season...............................................................($499 Value)
  • ​Living Music: 4-D Active Listening.......................................................($799 Value)
  • ​Living Music: Singing Training...............................................................($299 Value)
  • ​Living Music: Transformational Mindset............................................($299 Value)
  • ​Living Music: Expert Workshops...........................................................($249 Value)
  • ​LIMITED BONUS—Musicality: The Missing Manual.........................($97 Value)​
  • The "VAULT": 50+ Training Modules And Roadmaps
    ($1,500 Value)
  • Monthly NEWSLETTER, Delivered To Your Door
    ($49/month Value)
  • Monthly Masterclass PLUS 20+ In The Library
    ($199 + $30/month Value)
  • Monthly LIVE Q&A Call
  • ​A Friendly And Supportive Community Like No Other
  • ​Living Music SPRING Season
    ($499 Value)
  • Living Music SUMMER Season
    ($499 Value)
  • ​Living Music AUTUMN Season
    ($499 Value)
  • Living Music WINTER Season
    ($499 Value)
  • ​Living Music: 4-D Active Listening
    $799 Value)
  • ​Living Music: Singing Training
    ($299 Value)
  • ​Living Music: Transformational Mindset
    ($299 Value)
  • ​Living Music: Expert Workshops
    ($249 Value)
  • ​LIMITED BONUS—Musicality: The Missing Manual
    ($97 Value)​
Total Value: $5,517
Christopher Sutton
“Okay, What’s The Catch?”
Like I said in the beginning, I’m giving you this insane gift simply to entice you to try out the new membership and see if it’s right for you. 

Frankly, if we were more business-minded…

We’d do the smart thing and hoard all of this valuable educational material and sell it one tiny piece at a time… 

And in doing so, we’d probably make a LOT more money…

But (much to our accountant's frustration) we are musicians and educators first and foremost.

And while of course we do have bills to pay and mouths to feed, the single biggest motivation for us has always been the MISSION to “make musicality mainstream” - by bringing the most impactful tools, techniques and resources into the lives of people around the world who share our passion for music. 

So by offering you this insane deal… 

We’ll get our proven methods for unlocking impressive musical skills into the hands of more musicians…

Which not only allows us to have a dramatically greater impact on the music education space as a whole, while touching the lives of tens of thousands of music-lovers…

But also allows us to grow a much larger community of musicians who are all supporting, encouraging, and helping one another along this journey…

Creating an even greater learning environment that may even transcend the high-level material being taught inside.

It’s a true “win win” - and for you, an opportunity not to be missed…
Here’s Why Time Is Of The Essence 
I’ll be honest…

We are still second-guessing our decision to make this insane offer where you get access to $5,517 worth of material for FREE…

… just for saying “maybe” to membership.
And when you consider the huge cost of printing thousands of copies of The Journey and Musicality: The Missing Manual and shipping them all over the world…

With zero concrete guarantees that anyone will decide to stay on as a member afterwards…

It’s fair to say that this is a BIG risk we are taking. 

And as a result, we have no idea if this offer will even still be available next month…

Next week…

Or even tomorrow.
In fact, as I’m writing this, I’m almost wondering whether we should be doing this at all. 

And one thing is for sure…

If this doesn’t work out and we have to scrap this offer, you will never, ever see us doing this again.

So if this page is still live it means the offer is still available. 

And NOW is the time to lock in this deal and to secure your insane free gift before it’s too late. 

The good news is, there’s no risk to grabbing this offer now thanks to…
Total Confidence Guarantee
We are supremely confident you are going to be blown away with everything inside membership and with your insane collection of free gifts.

If you decide to stay on as a member, you’ll be charged a small monthly fee for continued access and each month’s fresh content, including the printed digest.

But if you ever change your mind, you can cancel (with zero hoops to jump through) and get a full refund of your last monthly payment with no questions asked.

Which means you could do the 30 day free trial, then hang around for another 30 days…

And still get a full refund, so you haven’t paid a single cent. 

We’ll even let you keep your copy of Musicality: The Missing Manual, containing all of the best lessons, techniques, tips, and methods we’ve ever taught here at Musical U - just as our way of saying “thank you” for giving it a try.

It also means you’re always protected from the dreaded “damn, I forgot to cancel” moment when another month’s payment slips by after you intended to end a subscription (we’ve all been there!). Our rolling 30-day money-back guarantee has you covered.

So as you can see, we’ve taken all the risk off of you and put it squarely on our shoulders with this rock solid "Total Confidence" guarantee. 
How Can We Offer Such A Strong Guarantee?
For one simple reason.

We are certain that what we teach works—and will work for you.

For the better part of a decade and a half our revolutionary teaching methods have already helped tens of thousands of ordinary musicians to quickly unlock the most impressive musical skills…

And with this offer you are getting the most refined and comprehensive version of these proven methods…

Plus, the unlimited support needed to virtually guarantee your success with this!

And with everything available to you here today… 

Regardless of your experience, instrument, or background, you’ll have everything needed to achieve exciting goals such as:
  • Quickly playing any song, solo, or live performance you can think of by ear 
  • Sitting in with a circle of respected musicians and holding your own during a jam session.
  • Writing or improvising your own great-sounding music
  • ​Understanding music theory as intuitively as you can comprehend sentences in your native language. 
  • ​Listening to music you love in vivid detail, noticing brilliant and subtle elements of genius that 98% of people never even hear.
And let me ask you this…

If you could simply download these skills instantly into your brain like in the movie “The Matrix”… 

How much would you pay to suddenly possess just one of these exciting new musical superpowers - for life?




Well, today all you have to do is say “maybe” and you’ll have access to ALL the material and support needed to make ALL of these “dream come true” skills and musical superpowers a part of your everyday reality. 
Here’s What To Do Next…
All that’s left to do now is to secure your place in the new membership and tell us where to send the physical copy of your first exciting edition of The Journey and The Missing Manual too…

You’ll get instant access to over $5,517 worth of musicality training…

So just press the big button below now, so that you can start diving into your first exciting and musical-life-changing lessons today!

To your musical success,
Christopher Sutton
Founder and Director, Musical U
Your Gift
All You Have To Do Is Say “MAYBE” And The Gift Is Yours…. for FREE!
P.S. In case you’re one of those busy people (like me) who sometimes just skips down to the end of the page, here’s the quick 30 second summary:

To entice you to test-drive the up-and-coming new membership program, if you sign up for a free 30-day trial today, I’m going to give you $5,517 worth of musicality training courses and resources for free…

Including full access to the entire year-long Living Music program, our highest level transformational musicality training.

In addition to that gift worth $3,642, with the new membership you’re ALSO going to get:
  • Instant access to “The VAULT”: our musicality training library which contains over 50 training modules that help you to develop specific musical skills using our proven Learn, Practice, Apply methodology (so you can relate everything you learn to music you love and quickly apply it with your instrument). 
  • The latest fresh issue of “The Journey” delivered right to your door each month. This physical digest will be packed full of our best insights to help accelerate your musical progress. Including tons of exciting extras like exclusive deals from selected music companies, fascinating articles on music history, reviews of must-read music books, entertainment articles tailor made for musicians, member-only competitions with prizes, and much more!
  • Exclusive access to a brand new monthly masterclass where a world-class musical expert shares their best insights and lessons with you directly.
  • ​A Live Q&A Call each and every month where you can ask a musical expert for help with any sticking points or area of confusion. So no matter what exciting training you’re sinking your teeth into - you’ll have the help needed to succeed.
  • Continual on-demand support through the discussion boards on every lesson. Just leave a question, and one of our expert team members will quickly reply with a custom-made solution or response. 
  • ​Inclusion in one of the most encouraging, helpful, and supportive communities you’ll ever find - which we expect will be growing exponentially with this insane deal we are offering for a limited time only.
You can get access to all of this for free when you start a 30-day trial of membership today.

Backed by a rolling 30-day money back guarantee if you decide to continue after the trial ends…

Which means you can actually stay on for up to 60 days and if you don’t like it you can still claim every cent of your investment back with no questions asked, while keeping your first issue of The Journey and your copy of The Missing Manual. 

Sound fair?

Then what are you waiting for?

Click the big green button below and sign up for your free trial of the new membership now:
About Musical U
Musical U is a London-based music education company which has been providing online training for musicians since 2009.

Every month hundreds of thousands of people visit our website to learn about modern musicality training and we're honoured to serve passionate music-learners through our membership program and courses.
Musical U membership is rated 4.8 out of 5 stars on public Google Reviews.
Google Reviews
Google Reviews
Musical U products and training material have been featured in leading websites and publications worldwide, including: 
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Head Educator
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Instructional Curriculum Designer
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Some Of The Most Trusted Names In Online Music Education Speak Out:
David Andrew Wiebe
“The Musical U team is downright amazing. They have a great attitude and are always working hard to ensure their members are in the loop and making progress towards their goals. I'm not aware of any other community out there like it. Highly recommended!”
- David Andrew Wiebe
Music Entrepreneur HQ
Natalie Weber
“Musical U is one of the best, most devoted resources on the internet for musicians who are serious about growing their musical skills. I am constantly amazed at the depth of insight and the quality of resources that are available."
- Natalie Weber
Music Matters Blog
Leila Viss
"The guidance and content found at Musical U is outstanding for those seeking to find their musical voice as well as those who've found it and need support to further their skills and creativity."
- Leila Viss
88 Creative Keys
Glory St. Germain
"Fantastic ideas and inspiring insights into learning, playing and teaching music."
- Glory St. Germain
Ultimate Music Theory
David Reed
“What makes Musical U a great place to learn music is their atmosphere of caring about their students and really sharing the joy of music. It's a refreshing and welcome resource for all music lovers.”
- David Reed
Improvise For Real
Scott Sharp
"For those of us willing to seek it out, we now have the ability to invite the best musical instructors from all over the world into our homes to teach us the ideas that can open up the world of music to us. Our friends at Musical U are some of the best of the best!”
- Scott Sharp
Fretboard Toolbox
Still Here?

Then You Must Be Thinking “Is This Really Right For Me And My Music Goals?”
What you’re getting here today is access to thousands of dollars worth of proven, highly effective courses and materials…

Which have worked for more than 30,614 musicians of all skill levels, playing virtually every instrument you can think of…

Helping them to unlock “dream come true” musical skills such as jamming with other musicians, quickly playing music by ear, composing their own great-sounding songs, intuitively understanding music theory, and much more.

So this is for you, if you play a musical instrument of any kind, and wish to unlock some of the most exciting, rewarding, and impressive musical skills that life has to offer. 

That being said, this training and support is utterly useless unless you are serious about applying this for yourself.

No one can force you to spend time each week going through the lessons, to complete the exercises, or to ask for help from our team of experts.

And while the training is HIGHLY flexible and even TINY amounts of effort on your side will produce dramatic results…

If you never even start, naturally there’s nothing we can do for you.

So this is NOT for you, if you’re someone who gets the “feel goods” from hoarding information and taking solace in the fact that they could crack it open someday.

Our best students are those who have a sense of urgency because they realize that time is scarce, it never comes back once it’s gone, and tomorrow is guaranteed for no one…

So if you realize that your musical potential is ticking away with each passing second, and you want to make the absolute most progress possible…

Then hit the big green button below right now, while we are still crazy enough to offer this insane deal. 
Your Gift
Get over $5,517 worth of musicality training for FREE - just for saying “maybe!” 
All You Have To Do Is Say “MAYBE” And The Gift Is Yours…. for FREE!
REMINDER: This Exclusive Offer Could Disappear At Any Time.
Once it's gone - it's gone!
Frequently-Asked Questions
Q. How does the free trial work?
You can test drive the new membership for a full 30 days without paying a single cent. There’s no strings attached or sneaky fine print at play. 

Then if you feel that you are getting access to some of the best musicality training you’ve ever seen, and can’t wait to excitedly apply everything you learn, then you can stay on as a member and will be automatically billed until you let us know otherwise - which you can do quickly and easily by email, phone, or with a few clicks inside the members site.
Q: When will the first monthly digest, masterclass and Q&A call be?
You’ll get access to the first of all these exciting new monthly resources in November.

However, because you’ll likely be eyebrow-deep in $5,517 worth of musicality training when they come out, don’t worry about missing these when they’re released…

We’ll be sure to give you ample heads up via email letting you know they are on their way!
Q: Is all of this really FREE? What’s the catch? 
If this page is still live, and the buttons still work, then yes, it's really free!

We’re are offering you access to a (frankly insane) $5,517 worth of proven high-level musicality training free of charge, just for test driving membership for a full 30 days.

We’re doing this for a limited time only so that we can get our best material into more music learners’ hands, and rapidly grow our powerful community of musicians who encourage, support, and help each other on this shared journey. 

Truth be told, we could probably make a lot more money by selling all of this individually - but we want to make a dramatic impact with as many musicians as possible, while creating something truly unique in the online learning space. 
Q: Who is this for?
Ever wished you had more musical “talent”? Then this is for you :)

At Musical U we’ve helped 30,000+ ordinary music-learners to quickly unlock impressive musicality skills such as: 
  • Playing any song, solo, or piece by ear with ease
  • Jamming creatively with other musicians as effortlessly as you can converse with a friend
  • ​Writing original music that you can be proud to call your own
  • Just looking at sheet music and hearing the piece come alive in vivid detail in your mind’s ear
  • Understanding music theory in an intuitive way and be able to apply it to create exciting musical projects of your own - whether that’s rearranging songs, improvising, composing or anything you can think of
  • ​And much more!
We’ve done this tens of thousands of times, for musicians who play all kinds of instruments, from all skill levels, backgrounds, and ages…

So if you’re at all interested in developing impressive musical skills - that previously only seemed possible for those with “talent”...

And you’re willing to put in the work to unlock them…

Then this is for YOU. 
Q: What if I’m not satisfied with my membership? 
Based on past experience, that’s highly unlikely! :)

As soon as you dive into the $5,517 worth of training, try out your first Season of Living Music, watch your first gold-packed Better-Than-Netflix masterclass, experience your first mind-blowing “aha” lightbulb moment… or simply leaf through your first issue of The Journey or crack open your copy of The Missing Manual…

We’re certain you’re going to be shocked and delighted by the value you’re receiving.

With that being said, if for any reason you find that you are not absolutely delighted, you can cancel your membership or free trial at any time without a hassle.

Simply email, give our friendly team a call on +1 (415) 230 0296, or cancel your subscription yourself with a few clicks inside the members website.

You are also protected by our “Total Confidence” Guarantee…

Which offers you rolling 30 days money-back protection.

So you can always get a full and immediate refund on your previous month's subscription…

This means you can actually go through the full 30 day trial and enjoy another 30 days of membership before deciding if you want to pay a single cent.

And if you do get a refund, we’ll even let you keep your copies of The Journey and The Missing Manual, as our parting gift to say “thanks” for giving it a try.

That’s why we say there’s no big commitment or hard decision here… 

All you need to do today is say “maybe”.
Q: What if I’m already a member of Musical U, or was in the past?
 If you’re currently on our original Musical U membership, paying $29.95/month or $299/year, then you have a fantastic opportunity here to upgrade to the new membership, with an incredible deal and considerable discount.

The new membership will replace your existing plan, and we’ll automatically stop your existing subscription.

You can use the same login to the members website and all your profile, discussion posts, training progress, etc. will be preserved.
 If you’re currently a “Living Music” member you should have received dedicated emails explaining about the new membership and how it will affect you. If not, please contact and we’ll get you taken care of!
 If you're a Next Level coaching client then don't think twice about it - we've got you covered! :)
 If you were formerly a member of Musical U you can take advantage of this special offer to reactivate your account and get full access to the new membership as described above. 

Simply make sure to use the same email address in the next step that you used for your previous member account, and all your profile information, discussion posts, training progress etc. will be ready and waiting for you when you log in to your new membership!
Q: What happens if I cancel?
You can request to cancel at any time during your membership, through the Help page of the members website, by email ( or phone (+1 (415) 230 0296) and you will not be billed further.

Your account will be put “on hold” and access to the members website where all training is hosted will be paused.

To make it hassle-free, there’s no need to return anything. You will be welcome to keep your copies of The Journey (value: $49 per issue) and The Missing Manual (value: $97) as our way of saying “thank you” for giving membership a try!
Any other questions? 
We're a people-first company and put heavy emphasis on providing personal support to ensure each and every person who comes to us succeeds with their training.

So if you have any questions about membership - or even if you just want to talk to a real human about whether it's right for you personally, please get in touch!

We'll be glad to help :)

You can:
Just click here or email and put "New Membership Question" in the subject line.
You can phone our office directly to speak to a member of the team:

- Telephone (US): +1 (415) 230 0296

- Telephone (UK): +44 203 290 2961
Don't Miss Your Chance!
Your Gift
Get over $5,517 worth of musicality training for FREE - just for saying “maybe!” 
All You Have To Do Is Say “MAYBE” And The Gift Is Yours…. for FREE!
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