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Which Of These 3 Types Of Musician Are YOU?
Discover your "Musical Core"... and everything will change for you.
It’s an undeniable fact: every single musician and music-learner on the planet is unique.

That’s something we’ve always taught here at Musical U… 

But after seeing tens of thousands of musicians writing their “Big Picture Vision”, describing the musician they want to become, it’s crystal clear: every one of us is different.

And yet…

Over the past couple of years, behind closed doors inside our exclusive top-tier “Next Level” coaching program…

Where our coaches have the chance to work 1-to-1 with musicians, week after week, over the course of an entire year…

Going deep into their background, their struggles, their current skills, and yes, their personal “Big Picture Vision”…

We’ve discovered there are actually three universal “archetypes” in music.
Core 1
Core 2
Core 3
One of these three forms your "Musical Core".

And here’s the kicker:

Once you know which you are… 

EVERYTHING becomes clearer and easier for you, throughout your musical life.

Join Musical U founder and Director, Christopher Sutton for a special 1-hour live training, where he’ll guide you step-by-step through discovering your own "Musical Core" and the exciting new opportunities that will open up for you.
This Training Happened LIVE On 
Saturday 4th May at 4pm UK Time / 11am US Eastern Time
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