What if everything you ever needed to know about musical pitch - every note, scale, key and chord - could fit in the palm of your hand?
Breakthrough New Method Allows Anyone To Master The Circle of Fifths - In Just 10 Days
The Circle of Fifths: that magical musical master tool which can unlock notes, scales, chords and so much more. 
We’ve all heard of it - and have a sense of the exciting impact it could have on how we hear, play and understand music.

Mastering the Circle unlocks abilities like:
  • Understanding the relationships between notes, chords and scales
  • Knowing which notes and chords will sound good together and why
  • Composing and writing songs
  • Harmonising melodies with just the right chords
  • Improvising freely and knowing you'll sound good
  • Choosing notes and chords that are "just right" in any context
  • Transposing easily between keys or for different instruments
  • Knowing every key signature and its sharps and flats instantly
  • Relating major scales, keys and chords to the appropriate minors
Yet despite all that potential - almost nobody truly gets to grips with the Circle.

If you have tried to learn the Circle before and struggled, it’s not your fault. 

If you’re like most musicians you’ve heard of it, tried to understand it, maybe even tried to memorise it... but found it hard. 

You might have been left feeling that it was just too complicated

Too much detail, too much complexity, too much crammed into one diagram. 

Maybe you felt like if you already understood tons of music theory then the circle would make sense... 

But as it is, you’re a bit lost.
The problem isn’t you. 

It’s that the Circle of Fifths has always been taught in a highly theoretical, conceptual way. 

Whether it’s a music theory textbook, a web article or a YouTube tutorial, almost every tutorial teaches it in a way that makes it:

✗ Hard to understand

✗ Hard to learn and

✗ Almost impossible to actually use!

So the Circle “clicks” for a very small minority of people, leaving the rest of us wondering what we’re missing…

And the crazy thing is: that way of teaching it is exactly the opposite of the Circle’s true nature!

You see,
The Circle of Fifths is a natural structure which exists within musical pitch itself. 
Meaning: this is not some made-up theoretical construct - it is the heart of how music works, whether you know it or not.

You’ve probably suspected that since everyone's always talking about the Circle of Fifths and how great it is, there must be a way of explaining it that makes it simple. 

A way to learn it that makes it easy and natural...
Musical U
For several years now we’ve had one of the most popular webpages on the internet for learning about the Circle of Fifths - on the front page of Google ahead of over 9 million other pages.

And we’ve used that opportunity to ask the musicians who visit that page questions like:
  • How well do you know the Circle of Fifths?
  • What’s confused or frustrated you about learning it?
  • What impact do you think knowing the Circle would have in your musical life?
… and the results are shocking.
Musical U
What Music Learners Are Saying About The Circle Of Fifths...
It turns out that although 92% have heard about the Circle of Fifths in the course of their musical lives, less than 25% say they know it well enough to make any use of it at all. 

And less than 4% said they felt they’d mastered it enough to benefit from all the ways it could pay off in their musical life!
Yet when we asked how much they thought mastering the Circle of Fifths would improve their musical life we heard things like:
"A great-and-quantum leap"
"Fulfill my musical life"
"Make me a better musician."
"It would add a big piece to the jigsaw...."
"Would make a huge difference."
"the next level of music transformation"
"make music more fun again"
And even:
“I don’t feel I will be a musician until I understand the complete concept and can execute it. “
Why such excitement about mastering the Circle Of Fifths? 
Well, it turns out there was a pretty solid understanding of the wonderful variety of ways mastering the Circle can benefit you in music...
It's about unlocking new understanding...

"I would understand the relationship of notes to each other."

"The Circle of Fifths is probably the most useful and comprehensive tool to understand, compose, play and improvise music."

"Help with understanding of music and expand options for playing."

"I’d be a more powerful and knowledgeable player"

"Deeper understanding of chord and note relationships"

"it would make learning much quicker."

"Play more intuitively, and have deeper understanding of music"

"I think it would help me to deconstruct music and understand how (or why) it 'works'."

"It is key to fully understanding/internalizing the relationship between all notes and keys."
... leveling up your musical ear:

"I could easily figure out songs by ear"

"I'd be able play more intuitively and have more fun"

"Immediately I would know all the keys/scales so when I hear a song, I would be almost immediately able to "hack" it."

"Majorly (no pun intended) in a positive way with my improv-ing and playing in general."

"I think it will help me find chords to songs/music easier, and help me to think about creating progressions on the fly."

"I think it would make a huge difference to my “playing by ear” performances and to making my harmonies sound much richer. This might make me sound less of a hobbyist and more of a musician."
... and reading and performing music:

"Will inspire me to do more improv and maybe even write music!"

"I would hope it help me know what chords to pick out to write a song, and help me figure out what chord I need to go to after "x" chord”

"Improvising, transposing, and composing"

"I would be able to finally compose what I would like."

"I would have a better understanding of how to compose melodic lines and composition"

"I would be much more confident with writing songs."

"I would stop avoiding ad lib solos."

"Will inspire me to do more improv and maybe even write music!"

"I would hope it help me know what chords to pick out to write a song, and help me figure out what chord I need to go to after "x" chord”

"Improvising, transposing, and composing"

"I would be able to finally compose what I would like."

"I would have a better understanding of how to compose melodic lines"

"I would be much more confident with writing songs."

"I would stop avoiding ad-lib solos."
Do any of these sound familiar?
If you've had thoughts like these when encountering the Circle in the past then at this point you're probably wondering:
why are 96% of musicians missing out on actually getting these results by mastering the Circle of Fifths?
It turns out there are three major problems with the way the Circle has been taught up until now...

Can you remember when you first heard of the Circle of Fifths?

If you’re like most musicians your curiosity was set alight, and your next thought was naturally:
“I want to understand it, learn it and use it!”
Understand it. 

Learn it. 

Use it.
Sounds simple enough! 

But all three of these turn out to be a struggle with the way the Circle’s been taught in the past...
1: The problem of understanding
The most staggering thing about the Circle of Fifths is just how many ways it can be understood, used and applied. 

Because it’s so fundamental to the way music works, you can think of almost any pitch-related question or topic, and there’ll be an answer waiting within the Circle!

Unfortunately that great power and depth means the Circle is typically taught in a way which tries to cram far too much onto a diagram or into an explanation.
Music Learners Are Saying:
"I can't make sense of it"
"The way it is written feels really confusing"
"The sheer details of it make learning it a struggle."
"I haven't heard it explained in a way that has connected for me."
2: The problem of memorising
For those who do manage to wrap their head around the concept of the Circle, a new problem arises: 

How do you actually memorise it?!

It’s all well and good to look at a diagram on a piece of paper or on screen to figure things out - but what about when you have your instrument in hand? 

What about those questions of notes, chords, scales and key that crop up in your musical life and you need an answer right there, in the moment - not after you go find your theory textbook or take five minutes to figure out how to draw the diagram for reference…

Most Circle of Fifths teaching totally neglects this crucial aspect: how to get the Circle from the page or screen into the musician’s head - where it can actually be of use to them out there in the world!
Music Learners Are Saying:
"I’ve found it hard to actually use it to remember key signatures in an automatic way without having to draw it out or carry around a cheat sheet"
"It’s a lot to remember"
"What’s hard is remembering details quick enough to be useful"
"I’ve struggled with memorizing it to point I do not have to think about it when I need it"
3: The problem of using it
Whether you manage to memorise the Circle of Fifths or not, there’s actually an even bigger problem lurking which will keep you from benefitting from it fully...

Ask most musicians what the Circle of Fifths is for and they’ll say: “Something about key signatures.. I think it helps you remember the sharps and flats?”

And that’s true - but key signatures are literally a tiny fraction of what the Circle can do for you.

So even the musicians who are fortunate or determined enough to understand and memorise the Circle typically don’t actually benefit that much - because they don’t know, understand or remember the wide variety of ways to use the Circle.
Music Learners Are Saying:
"I am not confused about it. I just don't know how to apply it as of yet."
"I don't use it. I don't really know what you mean by use it."
"What does it tell me?"
"I struggle with simply remembering all the ways to use it without having to look up the rules."
"I don’t know how to apply it to playing guitar"
The Result:
We all know there exists a magical musical mastertool…

And we understand it could be transformational for our understanding and empowerment in music…

Yet (due to the way it’s taught) we:
  • Don’t understand it
  • Can’t remember it
  • Can’t actually use it
Leaving us forever struggling with questions like...
  • "What chord comes next?"
  • "How do I know which notes go in a key... or scale... or chord?"
  • "Will I choose the right notes if I try to improvise?"
  • "How do song writers know how to harmonise a melody?"
  • "Which key signature has all those sharps again?"
  • "When someone says I need to transpose my part, what do I do?"
What if there was a way to learn the Circle of Fifths which meant that:
  • UNDERSTANDING IT was easy - and felt natural.
  • MEMORISING IT happened automatically - with no conscious effort required.
  • USING IT was obvious and instinctive for you - throughout your musical life.
A 10-Day Course To Master The Circle Of Fifths Interactively, Through Hearing and Playing Music
Christopher Sutton,
Founder of Musical U
"At Musical U we specialise in musicality training: helping musicians to develop the inner skills that let them express themselves in music freely, easily and confidently: playing by ear, improvising, having good rhythm, singing in tune and more.

We don’t generally tackle music theory at Musical U...

But what if the Circle of Fifths really isn't music theory after all?"
Don’t Just Learn The Circle...
Hear It, Play it, Feel It...
Don’t Just Learn
The Circle...

Hear It,
Play it,
Feel It...

This magical musical master tool isn’t something to simply understand intellectually.

It’s something that should be experienced through playing and hearing all the music hidden inside it.
That's why we've taken our unique “LPA” framework that’s used throughout Musical U to empower our members to Learn, Practice and Apply all the musicality skills we teach - and used it to design a revolutionary, never-seen-before method for learning and mastering the Circle Of Fiths. 

What does that mean for you?

It means that for the first time you can learn the Circle Of Fifths not by simply reading a theory textbook, listening to a lecture or watching an explainer video - but by doingPlaying or singing your way around, into and through the Circle itself.

And we’re not talking about dull exercises, playing the notes of the Circle around and around. These are varied, creative exercises involving a lot of listening and playing - the way we believe music-learning should be.
We’ve drawn on years of experience helping passionate adult music-learners to make sure the material is 100% accessible and simple to understand.

And because we know there’s no perfect one-size-fits-all course possible for something like this, the course is designed in a special way: you’ll go through it module by module, day by day - but each module brings a new perspective on the Circle.
As the modules build on each other, they also each offer a new opportunity to find “your” way of understanding the Circle and relating to it. 

... maybe it’s Module 5 that finally “clicks” things into place for you. 

... maybe when you get to Module 3 you’ll realise Module 1 makes perfect sense now. 

... maybe you find that Modules 2 and 7 together answer all the questions you’ve had about the Circle for years.

By approaching the Circle from a wide variety of perspectives we’re able to connect with its true multi-faceted nature - and that means you enjoy dozens of opportunities to find your connection to the Circle.

Just Like The Circle Itself, The Course Lets You Approach Things From Multiple Directions, Ensuring You Find “Your” Unique, Natural Relationship With The Circle
  • You will understand the Circle - because the material takes nothing for granted and provides a steady stream of small steps into, around and through the Circle of Fifths.
  • You will have memorised the Circle, without any tedious rote memorisation exercises - because by immersing yourself in using the Circle you’ll automatically, passively and naturally find yourself remembering it.
  • You will know how to apply the Circle in all the ways that are relevant to your musical life: to understand, to enable, to create, to collaborate and more - because you’ll be using the Circle from day one and throughout.
The 10-Day Circle Mastery Experience Includes:

Daily Modules To Master The Circle

In these 10 rich and engaging modules you'll Learn, Practice and Apply circle concepts so that understanding, memorising and using the circle easily becomes second nature for you.

You'll approach the circle from over 10 different angles, ensuring you find "your" perfect way of relating to the circle and integrating it into your musical life.

The modules are provided day by day but you can go at your own pace and will have lifetime access to the modules.
In these 10 modules you'll be exploring what the circle reveals about:
  • Intervals
  • Pentatonic Scales
  • ​Major Scales
  • ​Minor Scales
  • Chords
  • ​Chord Progressions
  • ​Key Signatures
  • ​Modulation
  • ​Improvising
  • ​Transposing
  • ​Harmonising
  • and more!

Course Workbook

Along with listening exercises and instrument-based exercises the course includes a variety of worksheets to help you explore and internalise the circle's various layers.

This workbook is provided as a PDF file which can be downloaded and then either filled out using PDF software on your device or printed to fill out by hand, whichever you prefer.

Unlimited Personal Help And Support

One thing we're known for at Musical U is the unparalleled level of personal help and support we provide.

Any time during the course or afterwards, if you have a question, feel confused or get stuck in any way - our team is available inside the website every day to help you get moving again.
Christopher Sutton
Christopher Sutton
Andrew Bishko
Andrew Bishko
Product Manager
Anastasia Voitinskaia
Product Assistant
Adam Liette
Adam Liette
Operations Manager
Stewart Hilton
Community Conductor
Zac Bailey
Zac Bailey
Community Assistant
Prices in US Dollars. Secure Checkout. 100% Satisfaction Money-Back Guarantee.
Enjoy An Exclusive Discount And Bonuses When You Buy The Course - For A Limited Time Only!
3 Powerful "Cheat Sheets" To Help You Learn
To help accelerate your learning on Circle-Of-Fifths topics that we know are of particular interest to music-learners we've put together three value-packed "cheat sheet" guides:
  • MEMORISATION Cheat Sheet
    You'll be learning the circle automatically as you go through the course, but for those who know they just want to have it memorised on day one or benefit from mnemonics and other rote-learning methods, we've put together the top tips for memorising the circle fast.
  • TRANSPOSING Cheat Sheet
    The course itself will lead you through transposing melodies using the circle but if you play a transposing instrument or play with other musicians who do, this cheat sheet will give you the fast answers to "how do I use the circle for that?"
  • CHORD NOTES Cheat Sheet
    If you play a monophonic (meaning "one note at a time") instrument you might think chords aren't relevant for you - but as you'll discover in the course that couldn't be further from the truth! If you aren't yet familiar with which notes belong in each chord this cheat sheet will get you up to speed fast, complementing the experiential coverage in the course itself.
Bonus Value: $20
Recordings of 5 Q&A Calls With The Course Instructor!
Throughout the course (and even after the course ends) you'll have access to the expert team at Musical U through the course discussion boards for any help or support you need. 

For the first group of students who took the course we also provided 5 Live Q&A Calls which were full of fascinating discussion and further teaching from the course instructor.

As a special bonus you'll have access to the recordings of all five calls!
Bonus Value: $50
About the course provider: Musical U
Musical U is a London-based music education company which has been providing online training for musicians since 2009.

Every month hundreds of thousands of people visit our website to learn about modern musicality training and we're honoured to serve passionate music-learners through our membership program and courses.
Creating the Circle Mastery Experience
We’ve been pioneering online musicality training for several years now and we know how to make the learning process easy, enjoyable and (most of all) musical for you.

Taking this approach to the Circle Of Fifths has produced something truly unique and provides you with a new opportunity to quickly and easily master the Circle.

We're excited to share this totally new perspective on what the Circle can be and how it can transform your musical life.
Musical U products and training material have been featured in leading websites and publications worldwide, including: 
Our flagship membership program is rated 4.7 out of 5 stars on public Google Reviews.
Google Reviews
Google Reviews
David Andrew Wiebe
“The Musical U team is downright amazing. They have a great attitude and are always working hard to ensure their members are in the loop and making progress towards their goals. I'm not aware of any other community out there like it. Highly recommended!”
- David Andrew Wiebe
Music Entrepreneur HQ
Natalie Weber
“Musical U is one of the best, most devoted resources on the internet for musicians who are serious about growing their musical skills. I am constantly amazed at the depth of insight and the quality of resources that are available."
- Natalie Weber
Music Matters Blog
Leila Viss
"The guidance and content found at Musical U is outstanding for those seeking to find their musical voice as well as those who've found it and need support to further their skills and creativity."
- Leila Viss
88 Creative Keys
Glory St. Germain
"Fantastic ideas and inspiring insights into learning, playing and teaching music."
- Glory St. Germain
Ultimate Music Theory
David Reed
“What makes Musical U a great place to learn music is their atmosphere of caring about their students and really sharing the joy of music. It's a refreshing and welcome resource for all music lovers.”
- David Reed
Improvise For Real
Scott Sharp
"We musicians, and aspiring musicians, are all tremendously fortunate to be living in a time where we have top notch musical instruction, like the kind coming out daily from Musical U, literally at our fingertips. 

For those of us willing to seek it out, we now have the ability to invite the best musical instructors from all over the world into our homes to teach us the ideas that can open up the world of music to us. Our friends at Musical U are some of the best of the best!”
- Scott Sharp
Fretboard Toolbox
We are so confident that you’ll love this training course and be delighted with the results it provides that we are covering it with a 90-Day 100% Money-Back Guarantee.
Here's Everything You Get When You Buy The Circle Mastery Experience Today:
  • The Unique 10-Day Training Course to Master The Circle
  • Daily Modules to Learn, Practice And Apply
  • Downloadable/Printable Workbook
  • ​Flexible and Convenient Online Access 24/7
  • ​Unlimited Personal Support and Guidance
Regular Price:
Regular Price:
Total Value With Bonuses:
Total Value With Bonuses:
Your Price Today:
Just $79!
Your Price Today:
Just $79!
Buy Now To Enjoy The Special Discount And Bonuses!
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You Have Never Experienced The Circle Of Fifths Like This Before.
There’s a good reason almost every musician has heard of the Circle of Fifths and almost every music theory textbook or course covers it.
The Circle is a deep, powerful and fundamental part of what makes music work.
But the Circle isn’t just a music theory invention, to be learned “because you should” or memorised for the sake of it.

Master the Circle and a whole new world of musical understanding and opportunity will open up for you.

For the first time, mastering the Circle Of Fifths can happen in just 10 days, in a way that “clicks” naturally for you, and through a process that makes learning it easy, enjoyable and (above all) musical.
So if you're the kind of musician who believes in working "smarter, not harder" and that learning music can and should be enjoyable as well as effective...

... then don’t miss your chance to add this “magical musical master tool” to your toolkit and enjoy the transformative effect it will have throughout your musical life.

Prices in US Dollars. Secure Checkout. 100% Satisfaction Money-Back Guarantee.
Frequently-Asked Questions
Q: When does the course begin? Is it flexible?
The course will begin when you purchase.

It’s structured as a 10-day program providing daily training. However you can move through the course at your own pace and will have lifetime access to the materials.

Each day's training is provided for you to go through whenever you're ready. 

So although the course will be released to you over 10 days from when you purchase, you are free to begin the program whenever you like and proceed at your own pace.
Q: How much time will it take?
We estimate it will take 30-60 minutes to complete each day's module, depending on your prior knowledge, how quickly you go through the material and how long you spend on the exercises.

Don't have an hour a day?

No problem.

We understand that music time can be limited and precious, often scheduled around a busy life!

So the course timing is fully flexible. You can move at your own pace and will have lifetime access to the course.

For example, each module is split into three parts and so you could easily choose to use it as a 30-day course, spending about 20 minutes per day.

You will have expert support available through the website during the 10 days, 30 days, or however long after that you need. 
Q: What happens at the end of the course, can I keep the material?
Yes. You’ll have access to the web material even after the "official" 10-day period is over, for as long as you need.
Q: Is this suitable for beginners? Do I need to know music theory?
The course is designed to be 100% accessible to beginners. If you know what a major scale is (and ideally can play one or two on your instrument) you’ll be fine.

The unique teaching method means we’re able to go seriously deep and cover even quite advanced topics without it ever seeming complicated or overwhelming.
Q: What if I get stuck or need help?
At Musical U we specialise in helping adult music-learners succeed with online training materials.

Any time you feel stuck, confused, have a question or need help, our team will be standing by and happy to help. 

The first option is to post in the discussions you'll find throughout the course. Our team will be in there every day answering questions and providing any clarification or tips required.

The second option is to contact our team directly if you'd prefer to receive help privately. You can do this by email or using the message system on the site.
Q: Will this work for my instrument?
Does your instrument plays notes or chords? Then the Circle Of Fifths applies! :)

The course is designed to be accessible and usable with all instruments. Naturally some exercises will lend themselves more to single-note or to chordal instruments - but you will be able to explore all the ways the Circle can apply to your instrument (as well as learning about some that may not apply directly but can still enlighten and empower you).
Q: How does this relate to Musical U Membership?
Musical U membership provides access to a wide range of training modules for a monthly or annual subscription. You can learn more here.

It's our flagship program and designed to be "all inclusive" for everything you need in musicality training. However in certain cases there's a need for training which doesn't fit comfortably within the membership framework. For example our Foundations of a Musical Mind course was designed as a 6-week structured program to start from scratch with an outside instructor and following a particular methodology. It's very complementary to how we teach in membership modules but it couldn't have just been crammed into the membership system in a way that served our members well, and so it's offered as a separate standalone course.

Similarly, The Circle Mastery Experience is something quite different from what's covered in membership and so it made sense to give it its own space and let people purchase just the course or just membership without the course, as they prefer.

So you have the option to purchase The Circle Mastery Experience without needing to sign up for full membership. Or if you are a member, you have a choice of whether to add this course to your membership or not.

Membership and courses are all provided within the same secure training website so it's easy to upgrade to full membership later if you choose.

If you need advice on whether membership or one of our courses would be more suitable for your particular needs please contact support@musical-u.com or give us a call and we'll be happy to help.
Q: Is this suitable for teachers?
We are always eager to support music teachers in any way we can. So (as always with Musical U materials) although we don't design specifically for use by teachers with their students we are happy for you to adapt our material for that purpose as suits your teaching. If you need any specific permission or clarification please get in touch (support@musical-u.com) and we'll be happy to help.
Q: Can you really master the Circle Of Fifths in 10 days?
If by "master" you mean “make it do what you want” - then yes, it's absolutely possible.

If by "master" you mean "100% fluency in every way" - then naturally your mileage may vary. Every musician is different and will engage with the course's teaching to varying degrees - so we can’t guarantee that every student will obtain absolutely complete fluency by day 10. 

But we CAN guarantee that if you follow the course fully you will be equipped with all the knowledge you need, plus a variety of easy and enjoyable ways to naturally continue mastering the circle in your regular musical life.

Our team will be there with you, day by day, to ensure you get the results you're after. And if for any reason you're not 100% satisfied with the new, in-depth relationship with the Circle that this course delivers you by the end then we stand by our money-back guarantee (details above) for a full 90 days after your purchase.
Any other questions?
We're a people-first company and put heavy emphasis on providing personal support to ensure each and every person who comes to us succeeds with their training.

So if you have any questions about the course (or just want to talk through whether it's right for you) please get in touch. We'll be glad to help :)

Email: support@musical-u.com
Telephone (US): +1 (415) 230 0296
Telephone (UK): +44 203 290 2961

Secure Checkout. 100% Satisfaction Money-Back Guarantee.
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