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The Confident, Creative, And Great-Sounding Musical Voice That’s Been Inside You All Along… 
Using The Power of “Improvisational Singing” 
When you read this entire page, you’ll learn:
  • How “improvisational singing” lets you tap into an endless stream of creative new musical ideas (ones you might have never discovered if you were just using your instrument). 
  • The two unique challenges that make singing different from any other instrument (and once you understand this, learning to sing becomes a breeze!) 
  • How 7 musicians were amazed to discover how much fun singing could be and how good their voice could sound - as soon as they had the right steps.   
Imagine if you could sing notes as easily, reliably and cleanly as pressing keys on a piano keyboard.
That the beautiful music you hear in your head… 

Could flow effortlessly out of you, whenever you wanted. 

For some people it seems like singing really is as easy as “pressing the right buttons”.

But the truth is that singing isn’t like that at all…

Because one unique challenge of singing compared to other instruments is this:
The “musical buttons” for our singing voice are hidden away,
 making this instrument a lot harder to navigate.
(Imagine trying to learn the piano in pitch black darkness!)  

We all have a sense that singing - our built-in “first instrument” - should come as naturally as walking or talking does…

But despite how easy some people make it look, if you’ve ever tried to sing you might have discovered just how painfully UN-natural it can be.
  • Maybe you tried out for a school choir or musical when you were younger, and someone made a “not so nice” remark about your singing, which left you feeling self-conscious about singing ever since...
  • Perhaps you’ve tried singing along with the radio when driving - but realize it’s hard to sing in tune or to hit those really high or low notes… 
  • Or maybe you actually used to enjoy singing… until one day you heard a recording of yourself which sounded more like nails on a chalkboard.
If you’ve had an experience anything like these…

You’re probably painfully aware of the second unique challenge that comes with trying to learn how to sing well:
Because our singing voice is an innate part of our own bodies, 
we tend to judge it much more harshly than any other instrument. 
And so we accumulate emotional hangups and “mental blocks” that stop us from wanting to sing at all, even when there’s no-one else around to hear us.

We might even feel that there’s something “wrong” with us on a physical level, so it’s not even possible that we could ever sing well. 

And while that might feel true - here’s the reality of the situation: 
 Singing is simply the act of passing air through your vocal cords
to produce musical notes.
Learn to do that, and there's no reason you can't produce great-sounding, melodic singing. 

Which means you just need to find a way to overcome those two unique challenges:
❶ Singing is harder to navigate than other instruments 
(because the “piano keys” that produce the right notes are hidden away inside our bodies)
❷ A lot of people don’t even want to practice singing
(because they judge their voice too harshly (or might even believe it’s impossible to improve it)
Now although most people don’t know it…

There’s actually one special method which can give anyone the keys to quickly overcome both these obstacles. 

It’s called Improvisational Singing.

With this method there is no “right” or “wrong”, giving you the freedom to explore your singing voice….

Along with a whole new world of musical ideas...

All while freeing you completely from that judgemental inner-voice that used to make singing feel like a daunting task.
Now, for the first time, you can experience the power of Improvisational Singing for yourself, with:
Free Your Creative Voice
Free Your Creative Voice
Taught by world-leading improvisational singing expert Davin Youngs, Free Your Creative Voice is a unique two-week training course which gives you a simple, fool-proof roadmap and all the structure and support needed to finally release the amazing singing voice you never realised you had waiting inside you all this time.
Normally available only inside the high-level Living Music membership program, for a limited time you can get full lifetime access to this powerful training for a single payment today.
 Important: Once the timer hits zero, this training goes back in our vault and we may never offer access to it again. 
Taught by world-leading improvisational singing expert Davin Youngs, Free Your Creative Voice is a unique two-week training course which gives you a simple, fool-proof roadmap and all the structure and support needed to finally release the amazing singing voice you never realised you had waiting inside you all this time.
Normally available only inside the high-level Living Music membership program, for a limited time you can get full lifetime access to this powerful training for a single payment today.
 Important: Once the timer hits zero, this training goes back in our vault and we may never offer access to this training again. 
“Beautiful and exciting. I was able to sustain notes very easily in both falsetto and chest voice. I felt my muscles and everything relaxed and open. I actually liked the sound of my voice and it sounded good with the music playing.” 
– Jen H., Free Your Creative Voice student
“Today when I went out into the fresh air on my bike and gardening, I must have sung for 3 hours. One guy I passed today said ‘I like your singing’. I just laughed and thought how proud I was that someone actually said that.” 
– Mary M., Free Your Creative Voice student
Mary G.
Karen S
“I‘m finding the moments where I forget to judge myself and just let go are becoming longer, and when the critical voice makes an appearance, I can shoo it away and keep going. This is progress!” 
– Karen S., Free Your Creative Voice student
“Ha, ha this is starting to get fun! Actually, this whole week has been a blast really.
– Skip A., Free Your Creative Voice student
Skip A.
  • Fun Musical Exercises to remove the overwhelm associated with improvisation (while also allowing you to explore a whole new world of musical ideas you can later apply with your instrument). 
  • Backing Tracks For Each Vocal Exercise. With each track you’ll also get a guided version that has prompts and examples so you’ll always have some direction as to how exactly you can improvise what to sing (so you’ll never get lost or confused). 
  • Freedom To Practice On Your Terms. Because the backing tracks can be downloaded to your phone, you can practice improvisational singing any time and any place you feel comfortable - whether that’s performing these exercises with friends, or on your drive to work to make sure no one hears you sing. 
  • Special Training to let go of that judgemental inner-voice making it hard to sing. (Just this module alone will do wonders for your ability to express yourself freely in music). 
  • ​The Support Needed To Succeed. Doing anything alone can be difficult and scary but with this course you’ll have the support of other musicians on the same journey as well as the expert team at Musical U, who are always just one message away should you need any help. 
  • 24/7 LIFETIME Access.  You can go through this course at your own pace, whenever you want and as many times as you like!
  • $5 Of Your Payment Donated To Musicians Charity: To support the musicians around the world struggling to make ends meet, we are donating $5 of your payment to charity. Sweet Relief provides support to musicians in need, with a special fund dedicated to helping those impacted by the COVID-19 crisis.
  • A Guaranteed Path To Better Singing. This training is tried-and-true, and comes with a 100% satisfaction, 90-day money-back guarantee, so you have nothing to lose by giving it a try.

This Training Is Valued At $129 But You Can

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Including $5 Donated To Sweet Relief, A Charity Supporting Musicians And Music Industry Workers

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This Training Is Valued At $129 But You Can

Get Instant Access Now...
For Just $49!

Including $5 Donated To Sweet Relief, A Charity Supporting Musicians And Music Industry Workers

When you tap into the power of improvisational singing… 

Using all the fantastic tools and resources inside the “Free Your Creative Voice” training…

Amazing things will start to happen for you. 
Right away, you’ll notice how incredibly liberating this process is. 

You’re finally free to sing without all the heavy internal judgement weighing you down. 

And because you’ll be much more relaxed…

You’ll be pleasantly surprised at just how much better your singing voice sounds without all that hidden tension constricting every note.

Not only that, but you’ll start to notice some amazing qualities that your voice had all this time…

But you just never discovered because you didn’t have a judgement-free way to explore your vocal instrument. 

And that’s not even the best part.

Because when you use improvisational singing exercises…

You’ll be exploring unique musical concepts with your voice…

Which means you’ll likely discover a steady stream of creative new ideas that you may have never uncovered by just using your musical instrument. 

As the course instructor Davin says: 
“Every sound is an opportunity to create music.” 
And although this might seem a bit abstract, you can be sure that this will directly improve your singing abilities too…

Because once singing transforms from a nerve-racking experience into a fun game…

You’re going to want to do it far more often…

Leading to more practice, more enjoyment and even faster progress with your singing. 
These are the exciting new possibilities waiting for you 
inside the Free Your Creative Voice training. 
Normally this training is reserved only for members of Living Music (our year-long, invite-only program)…

Which means you’d first have to graduate from another Musical U course to even be invited to join Living Music… 

And then you’d have to pay the $997/year admission fee before being able to access Free Your Creative Voice. 
But for the first (and possibly the only) time we are opening exclusive access to this training, so you can get full instant access for a small one-time payment of just $129 $49.

Available only until the timer hits zero - then it's gone.
Free Your Creative Voice
“This is what I call FUN! After decades of trying to reproduce very specific melodies and precise intonation of certain pitches, it is freeing to just let it all go and sing without being obsessed with getting it “right”. 

 I believe I’m more in tune with the improvised riffs I stumbled upon here than when I’m fearfully trying to “keep it together” while recording my own vocal tracks.” 
– Phillip Q., Free Your Creative Voice student
“I felt energised and a lovely sense of freedom when doing the singing improvisation from the reassurance that nothing is wrong. Hooray.”
– Sheila J., Free Your Creative Voice student
“What FUN! I’ve never known a musical.voice training like this and I’ve never even thought of thinking about singing this way! 

I discovered that different consonants need particular mouth shapes to be formed, and noticed my cheeks puffing out when I worked on P and my upper palate constricting to make an R – suddenly my mouth is a playground! WOW! You guys sure can deliver the goods!”
– Vivian P., Free Your Creative Voice student
Backed by Our 90-Day 
“Love It Or Pay Nothing” Guarantee
We are so confident you’ll love this training that we are giving you a full 90 days to try it out for yourself, risk-free. 

At that point if you’re not delighted with the lessons, and pleasantly surprised at the mental and physical transformation you’ve experienced with your singing voice…

Then we simply refuse to keep your hard-earned money. So if for whatever reason you are not satisfied, simply send an email to for an immediate, hassle-free refund, with no questions asked. 

So the only risk you face right now is missing out on this course (which goes back in the vault soon) and never discovering that powerful singing voice you’ve had all this time, but were never shown how to let out.  
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Fretboard Toolbox

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Free Your Creative Voice
Frequently-Asked Questions
Q: What happens at the end of the course, can I keep the material?
Yes. You’ll have lifetime access to the material even after the 2 weeks are over, including support for as long as you need.
Q: Is this suitable for beginners? Do I need to know music theory?
The course is designed to be 100% accessible to beginners. No prior knowledge required.

The unique teaching method means we’re able to go seriously deep and cover even quite advanced topics without it ever seeming complicated or overwhelming.
Q: What if I get stuck or need help?
At Musical U we specialise in helping adult music-learners succeed with online training materials.

Any time you feel stuck, confused, have a question or need help, our team will be standing by and happy to help. 

The first option is to post in the discussions you'll find throughout the course. Our team will be in there every day answering questions and providing any clarification or tips required.

The second option is to contact our team directly if you'd prefer to receive help privately. You can do this by email or using the message system on the site.
Q: I only have a mobile device, can I still take the course?
Yes. Our online training website is compatible with all modern internet devices and web browsers.

As long as you have some type of web browser (e.g. Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Edge) on your device, you will be able to take the course successfully.
Q: Do I need to have a "good singing voice" to use this training?
In short - nope!

Singing well is not some innate ability that some people possess and others do not. 

The reality is that singing is simply the act of moving air through your vocal cords in a particular way...

So it’s really no different than learning to play any other wind instrument.

That’s why trying to sing well without having been given the right training or practice... 

Is about as unlikely as picking up a trombone without a single lesson and expecting to produce an impressive performance!

As long as you’re willing to apply the simple lessons in this training, you’ll have everything you need to unlock your free, confident and creative singing voice.
Q: How is this different from other singing courses?
Free Your Creative Voice is the only training that addresses the main obstacle a lot of people face with singing:

They find it uncomfortable or embarrassing because everything they sing sounds “wrong” or “bad” to them. 

By using specially-designed improvisational singing exercises you’ll completely sidestep this issue - even if right now you hate the sound of your voice.

That’s because with these exercises there is no “right” or “wrong”.
You’re simply using playful exercises to explore new sounds and ideas, using your voice as an instrument. 

And when you do this you’ll be amazed at all the great qualities you'll start to notice in your singing voice…

And how much better you sound without all that anxious tension constricting each note.

But perhaps most important of all, when singing becomes fun and interesting - you’ll want to do it more often, leading to more and more progress. 
Q: I want to improve my singing but I’m too shy to sing around others - how will I use this training? 
There are many ways to sing without anyone hearing you!

Here are a few examples…

• Sing when you are driving alone in your car.

• Walk or drive to an empty area (like a deserted car park) so you can sing there.

• Hum instead of singing so that you don’t make as much noise.

• Turn on a hair drier whilst singing so that it masks the sound to nearby roommates or neighbours. 

• Sing into a pillow (or use a voice dampening box) to reduce the volume of your singing.

• Wait until the house is empty before singing. 

This is by no means an exhaustive list! But this should give you some ideas that can show you how you could get started with this training, even if right now you don’t want anyone hearing you sing.

(... and I bet that will change by the end of the training! :) )
Q: Aside from improving my singing, will this help my musicality in other ways?

In fact, because you’ll be using the most expressive instrument on earth (the human voice) with musical improvisation exercises…

You’ll likely discover a whole range of musical ideas that you can later explore with your instrument. 

Maybe you’ll be trying to improvise a vocal melody with an “Ah” sound, and stumble upon a catchy hook that turns into your next song.

Or perhaps you’ll create a vocal rhythm section using a simple “Bu” sound and accidentally discover a funky bass line. 

Once you get started, the possibilities are endless. 

But even if you don’t uncover a single new idea with your voice…

(which is incredibly unlikely)... 

By learning to explore new sounds and ideas without judgment, you’ll likely find that this helps you improvise and create more freely with your instrument too!  
Q: What if it doesn't work for me?
Hundreds of musicians have shown clearly that this can work incredibly well, even for instrument-players who never thought they’d be able to sing and sound good.

But you don’t need to take my word for it or trust in those examples.

Thanks to our 90-day “Love It Or Pay Nothing” guarantee, you can go through the entire training before deciding if this was worth your money.

During those first 90 days, if you are not completely satisfied with the personal transformation you’ve made with singing - then simply email for an immediate and hassle-free refund. 

If you're not delighted (for whatever reason) then we refuse to keep your money. 

So the only risk you face here is missing the fast-approaching deadline and never discovering the true creative voice you’ve had inside you all this time…

Any Other Questions?

We're a people-first company and put heavy emphasis on providing personal support to ensure each and every person who comes to us succeeds with their training.

So if you have any questions about this training - or even if you just want to talk to a real human about whether it's right for you personally, please get in touch!

We'll be glad to help :)

You can:
Just click here or email and put "Find Your Creative Voice" in the subject line.
You can phone our office directly to speak to a member of the team:

- Telephone (US): +1 (415) 230 0296

- Telephone (UK): +44 203 290 2961

 Limited-Time Offer
This Is An Opportunity Not To Be Missed!

Free Your Creative Voice
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