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Learn how to unlock your inner musicality and hone your musical “instinct”, so you can make music freely and easily.

With its unique approach that works for any instrument, Musical U helps members see significant improvements in just a few weeks, from as little as 15 minutes practice per day.
Musical U
“After a week and a half here I am already feeling a lot more confident!” — Julie M., Member of Musical U
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The New York Times, Total Guitar, iTunes New and Noteworthy
Making Music Magazine, London A Capella, Guitar Coach Magazine
Have you felt limited in music?
Like you aren’t a “natural”… and all your efforts just don’t seem to pay off?

Have you wondered if it all somehow comes easier to other people?
Musical U
At Musical U we specialise in helping passionate musicians learn the skills they’ve been missing out on...
Skills like:
  • Playing notes and chords by ear
  • Improvising freely and easily
  • Getting a strong accurate sense of rhythm
  • Singing confidently in tune
Musical U membership includes everything you need to learn these skills and more!
  • All-Inclusive For A Low Monthly Fee. 
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  • Ongoing 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. 
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and Enjoy The Uniquely Powerful Combination Of:
Over 50 interactive training modules covering every important topic, along with six Roadmaps to guide your way.

Fully flexible to suit your background, your goals and the progress you make along the way.
A level of personal support and guidance unlike any other.

Get unlimited help directly from our expert team, 7 days a week.

No more getting stuck, confused or frustrated - we're there to help you keep moving forwards, day after day.
A friendly and supportive community of musicians just like you.

Not just for chit-chat - the Musical U community actually accelerates your progress!
Musical U Members Are Saying:

“As a child I learned piano and took a few years of voice lessons.

I didn’t have any formal ear training. I was stuck on aural identification of musical elements: e.g. intervals, chord qualities, whether a piece is in major vs. minor, etc.

Now at Musical U, I’m working on the roadmap for playing tunes by ear using solfa. The biggest surprise was when I realized I can audiate!

Steady work over time has increased my ability to work out tunes by ear, and to sight-sing based on understanding solfa.”

– Christine P.
Christine P.
Liam S.

“It feels like I am getting one-to-one tutoring.

– Liam S.

“Perfect for what I wanted to do gain a full understanding of music in order to become a better all-round musician

– Fermin F.
Fermin F.

“A gem for folks who want to get more musical.

– Puja V.
Instant access to over $1500 worth of proven training material on every essential topic.
  • 50+ Training Modules
    Covering all the essential topics, and based on material proven to reliably deliver results. Use exactly the modules which suit your musical background and goals, at your own pace, in a way which fits in with your musical life.
  • 6 Detailed Roadmaps
    Providing a detailed guide to using the training modules and additional exercises to develop “big picture” skills—like playing by ear, improvising, and singing in tune.
  • Over 200 Interactive Quizzes
    So you can confirm what you’ve learned, developing the inner skills of musicality.
  • Downloadable MP3s
    Compatible with any computer or mobile device, you can train anywhere and at any time—making it easy to fit in regular training and keep up your practice.
  • ​Progress Tracking
    Lets you clearly see that you’re improving: day by day, week by week and month by month.
50+ Training Modules Covering:
Play By Ear
 + MORE!
6 Roadmaps Guide You Step-By-Step Through Learning To:
Play Notes By Ear (Intervals)
 Play Notes By Ear (Solfa)
Play Chords By Ear
 Have Rock-Solid Rhythm
Sing Confidently In Tune
Expert Help
Personal support and guidance from an expert team to ensure you get results.
  • Personal Guidance
    The Musical U system allows you to use the exact modules which are right for you rather than following a single prescribed “course”. This works because it’s fully supported by personal help from the Musical U team.
  • Expert Team Available
    Team members are active every day inside Musical U and always happy to help you one-on-one with your training or any technical issues you might have.
  • Ask Unlimited Questions
    Get direct answers from the experts. No more getting stuck or confused in your training!
  • ​Masterclass Library
    More than a dozen video masterclasses taught by guest experts from around the world, teaching the most impactful ideas, strategies and techniques that will level-up your musicality.
  • ​Proactive Help
    The progress tracking system isn't just for - it’s designed to provide an easy way for the team to spot opportunities to help you overcome hurdles and improve faster, even before you feel the need to ask for help.
Access to a friendly private community which accelerates your progress.
  • Friendly and Supportive
    The spirit of Musical U is one of inclusivity and encouragement, and that’s reflected by the community throughout the site.
  • Genuinely Useful
    We don’t emphasise community at Musical U because we want to just sit around chit-chatting all day. We do it because it works. Having community support helps you get better results faster. Simple as that.
  • Learn Faster Together
    It’s an undeniable fact that musicians learn from each other, not just from experts. Discuss your training in the Musical U community and you’re sure to get help and insights you never expected.
  • ​Accountability
    It’s been shown to dramatically increase the odds of success. Simply sharing your goals and reporting on your progress helps ensure you actually achieve what you set out to, and the Musical U community is a supportive and safe place to do it.
  • ​Members Directory
    Connect with other musicians who share your musical goals and interests, so that you can exchange tips, share progress, and put an end to musical loneliness.
Hoomam N. quote
Leith R. quote
With its unique combination of Training, Expert Help, and Community, Musical U can help you unlock your inner musicality, hone your musical instinct, and start feeling like a true “natural” musician.
  • 50+ Training Modules
  • 6 Detailed Roadmaps
  • Over 200 Interactive Quizzes
  • ​Downloadable MP3s
  • ​Progress Tracking
  • Personal Guidance
  • Expert Team Available
  • Ask Unlimited Questions
  • ​Masterclass Library
  • ​Proactive Help
  • Friendly and Supportive
  • Genuinely Useful
  • Learn Faster Together
  • ​Accountability
  • ​Members Directory
Musical U membership is charged for on a subscription basis because we know Musical U can continue to deliver real results, month after month and year after year.

We think it’s only right that our guarantee works on an ongoing basis too.

Your monthly or annual Musical U membership is covered by our Total Confidence Guarantee.

This means that if at any time you feel you aren’t getting the results you expected – whether that’s because we don’t have the modules you need, you just haven’t been finding the time, or any other reason – and you decide to cancel, you can request a full refund of your most recent monthly payment. If you’re on an annual plan, we’ll even refund you for the rest of the year.

So no more worrying about whether it will work out, or the risk of paying and then not getting your money’s worth.

The Total Confidence guarantee has you covered.
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