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Join Musical U and find your musical freedom.
Learn how to unlock your inner musicality and hone your musical “instinct”, so you can make music freely and easily.

With its unique approach that works for any instrument, Musical U helps members see significant improvements in just a few weeks, from as little as 15 minutes practice per day.
Musical U
“After a week and a half here I am already feeling a lot more confident!” — Julie M., Member of Musical U
As seen in:
The New York Times, Total Guitar, iTunes New and Noteworthy
Making Music Magazine, London A Capella, Guitar Coach Magazine
Have you felt limited in music?
Like you aren’t a “natural”… and all your efforts just don’t seem to pay off?

Have you wondered if it all somehow comes easier to other people?
Musical U
At Musical U we specialise in helping passionate musicians learn the skills they’ve been missing out on...
Skills like:
  • Playing notes and chords by ear
  • Improvising freely and easily
  • Getting a strong accurate sense of rhythm
  • Singing confidently in tune
Musical U membership includes everything you need to learn these skills and more!
  • All-Inclusive For A Low Monthly Fee. 
    Get full access for just $29.95/month
  • No Contracts.
    There's no minimum commitment, you can cancel easily at any time and not be charged again..
  • Ongoing Satisfaction Guarantee. 
    You're always fully covered by our Total Confidence Guarantee
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100% Satisfaction Money-Back Guarantee.

Imagine Being Able To...

Imagine music vividly in your mind’s ear - and then bring that out through your instrument.

Glance at sheet music and automatically imagine how it would sound.

Keep a rock-steady beat and create grooves that get people moving.

Feel an inner instinct for music, sensing the notes, chords and rhythms that will come next.

Hear music and instantly know what the equivalent notation on the page would be.

Step up on any stage with confidence, ready to perform at your best.

Sit down with your instrument and just play!

It’s all possible for you. 

And although it can seem like magic, there’s no mystery to it. 

With the right training it can all be learned - and faster than you probably expect.

For Example...

Musicality Training At Musical U Helps You:

  • Play any music you hear, remember or imagine by ear - by teaching you two powerful approaches to identifying notes by ear: intervals and solfa.
  • Create a powerful groove and "lock in" with any group you play with - by tightening up your sense of rhythm and developing your understanding of how rhythm patterns you hear correspond to notation.
  • Improvise with true freedom - by leading you through a series of "playgrounds" where you can develop your instinct for improvisation, step-by-step, from scratch, in a way that can leverage all the pitch and rhythm training you do elsewhere in Musical U.
  • ​Harness the power of your natural "first instrument": your voice - by teaching you the two core skills required to sing accurately, confidently and reliably in tune, using a unique visual training system that listens to your singing and shows you how to improve.​
Musical U members also report a wide range of benefits that go far beyond what is explicitly covered by training, including:
  • Easier sight-reading - because you now understand all the patterns in the music and what notes, chords and rhythms tend to go together in music.
  • Creative abilities unlocked - because songwriting and composition come easily when you have the instinct for music inside you.
  • Faster instrument learning - because suddenly all the notes you play have a life and a meaning to them.
  • More expressive playing - because your ears are upgraded to a new level of detail in hearing and analysing, which automatically feeds back to improve your playing.
  • ​Easy collaboration - because your inner understanding boosts your confidence and all your new skills are versatile and transferrable to any musical situation.
  • ​A sense of momentum - because the training is step-by-step and flexible, and personal guidance is available at all times, there's always a way to keep moving forwards.
  • ​More joy and ease - not something you'd typically expect music education resources to deliver! But members regularly report that since starting at Musical U they're simply enjoying their musical life more. 
Member Case Studies

Case Study: Doug H.

After retiring from a career as a physician, Doug suddenly had a great deal of time to explore his potential musicality. While trained and proficient in classical music, he wanted to be able to play without needing the sheet music. A major factor in this was wanting to be able to play simple folk songs for his grandchildren and learn to improvise. 

After trying several apps that promised ear training, Doug joined Musical U and says he was immediately surprised by the comprehensive approach that the site employed to teach. Starting off with very simple exercises gave him the confidence and foundation to continue learning more complex skills. The logical flow from one module to the next, along with his progress journal, gave him a clear plan and direction.

Doug can now sit at the piano and confidently play a simple folk tune or Beatles song without needing to rush off to find the sheet music. Being able to play songs and sing with his family is now a source of joy in his musical life. His improvisational skills have greatly improved and he has a firm structure for how he approaches improvisation. Doug says his experiences at Musical U have opened up his eyes to some new ways of thinking about music and performing. 

Case Study: Paris S.

Paris is a budding producer and multi-instrumentalist who had become mystified by the attitude many people seemed to have for music, that “you either had it in you or you didn’t”. He would watch musicians performing and wonder how they were able to just get on stage and play with such confidence and presence in the moment. Wanting to explore his own creative side, he sought an answer, a step-by-step method to unlocking his desire to play music. 

Upon his initial sign-in to the site, Paris says he was delighted to be greeted by the team and dove straight into his music learning. He was able to set goals and see the course work laid out in a sequential manner. Having real human interaction within the membership was a big deal for him, and helped to inspire years of learning and developing his musicality. 

Paris calls Musical U the “center of the musicality universe, a virtual encyclopedia of knowledge”. He says he’s now able to speak in a musical language and communicate freely with other musicians and his instrument teachers. This holistic approach to his music learning has given him the confidence to play with others, continue to learn new styles of music, and to find true happiness as a musician. 

Case Study: Shirley S.

Shirley describes herself as a lifelong caretaker, raising many children and caring for foster children. Her house was always a musical house and she was delighted to see the children grow and develop musicality as part of their upbringing. But she was so busy caring for the family that she never had the opportunity to explore her own musical side. Retirement opened up a new chapter and she was able to join a local choir and began to thirst for more knowledge about her newfound passion for creating music. 

She said she was drawn to Musical U because of the passion for music that Christopher had. It matched her own! While she initially found the site overwhelming, the Musical U team was able to guide her in the direction that she wanted to take and give her the support that she needed. The clear breakdown of the modules allowed her to review skills that she had already gained while setting a foundation for more difficult and complex music learning as she continued her journey.

Since joining Musical U, she’s made steady progress toward her goals and still revisits previous training to refresh her skills. She’s become more confident in her singing and reflects on her thoughts about playing music with the community. She says that perhaps the most surprising aspect of Musical U was how kind the community is - she’s never heard a single negative word from anyone on the site. 

Case Study: Hugh M.

Hugh began learning music at an early age, but became frustrated with the slow progress on the piano and eventually stopped playing. After being exposed to Arabic music and the Oud, he was enthralled with the tonality of the instrument and began his music learning journey again. The microtones and strange timbre of this new music made him realize that he needed to further develop his own musicality.

After joining Musical U, Hugh was surprised to see how integrated the community is to the overall learning process. He found he was able to take bite-size lessons and see real progress quickly, which gave him the confidence to continue going through the various roadmaps and modules. Having a plan and roadmap encouraged him to continue to develop and enjoy the process of learning in a way that he says no other website had given him previously. 

Hugh continues to be very active with the community and enjoys talking with his fellow members. He enjoys that there’s no “one-upmanship” among the members and that there’s a complete lack of intimidation. Listening to the Musicality Now show is a regular part of his learning and he’s taken on the mindset of a lifelong music learner. In addition to his own musical growth, he found Musical U’s Resident Pro for Piano Ruth Power to be so delightful that he has enrolled his son in her online piano program.
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About Musical U
Musical U is a London-based music education company which has been providing online training for musicians since 2009.

Every month hundreds of thousands of people visit our website to learn about modern musicality training and we're honoured to serve passionate music-learners through our membership program and courses.
Musical U membership is rated 4.8 out of 5 stars on public Google Reviews.
Google Reviews
Google Reviews
Musical U products and training material have been featured in leading websites and publications worldwide, including: 

The Musical U Team

Musical U Team
Musical U Team
Christopher Sutton
Christopher Sutton
Andrew Bishko
Andrew Bishko
Head Educator
Anastasia Voitinskaia
Product Assistant
Adam Liette
Adam Liette
Director of Operations
Stewart Hilton
Community Conductor
Zac Bailey
Zac Bailey
Community Assistant

Leading Music Educators Are Saying...

David Andrew Wiebe
“The Musical U team is downright amazing. They have a great attitude and are always working hard to ensure their members are in the loop and making progress towards their goals. I'm not aware of any other community out there like it. Highly recommended!”
- David Andrew Wiebe
Music Entrepreneur HQ
Natalie Weber
“Musical U is one of the best, most devoted resources on the internet for musicians who are serious about growing their musical skills. I am constantly amazed at the depth of insight and the quality of resources that are available."
- Natalie Weber
Music Matters Blog
Leila Viss
"The guidance and content found at Musical U is outstanding for those seeking to find their musical voice as well as those who've found it and need support to further their skills and creativity."
- Leila Viss
88 Creative Keys
Glory St. Germain
"Fantastic ideas and inspiring insights into learning, playing and teaching music."
- Glory St. Germain
Ultimate Music Theory
David Reed
“What makes Musical U a great place to learn music is their atmosphere of caring about their students and really sharing the joy of music. It's a refreshing and welcome resource for all music lovers.”
- David Reed
Improvise For Real
Scott Sharp
"For those of us willing to seek it out, we now have the ability to invite the best musical instructors from all over the world into our homes to teach us the ideas that can open up the world of music to us. Our friends at Musical U are some of the best of the best!”
- Scott Sharp
Fretboard Toolbox

You'll Fit Right In.

It’s clear from the scientific research and from a decade of our own experience with music learners of all ages, instruments, ability levels and styles of music: this kind of musicality transformation is possible for anyone.

We've designed Musical U to work for you regardless of the instrument or style you play, and without any prior knowledge or musical abilities required.

Some come to us on day one of starting to learn music, incorporating musicality training into their learning from the very beginning.

Others have been playing an instrument for years, and now want to fill in this huge piece that they've realised has been missing.
Name an instrument or style of music - and there are Musical U members who play it. 
We have pianists, guitarists, bassists, string players, brass, wind and woodwind players, ukulele and mountain dulcimer players.

We have fans of classical, folk and blues, we have jazzers, rockers and metalheads.

Everyone is welcome, and we all share the same love of music and excitement about improving our inner musicality.
Two of our core beliefs at Musical U are that every music learner is unique - and that music learning is a lifelong journey.
That means we can't make promises about how long your transformation will take. Some come to Musical U to learn a specific skill and "graduate" in just a few months - others stay for years, continually exploring new areas of training and extending their musicality further.

That's why Musical U membership is provided as a membership: so that you can get instant access to thousands of dollars worth of training material, have access to ongoing support throughout, and pay for only as long as the training is proving useful to you.

Although every member's experience is different, it's no exaggeration to say that you will see benefits of your training at Musical U within a few short weeks. 

In fact it's extremely common for new members to have "lightbulb" moments within their first days at Musical U - the kind of breakthrough insight that benefits you forever after.

“Since joining it has dramatically changed the way I train my ears and sped up the amount of progress I've been making.”

– Emily G., Musical U Member
Emily G.

“I learnt more yesterday with the first module than I have in the last year.”

– Andy W., Musical U Member
Andy W.

“Thank you so much to you and all the team for creating this amazing place called Musical U. I have only been with you a couple of weeks and I am absolutely loving it. I feel like I’ve snuck in the back door of the most supportive conservatoire in the world.”

– Dave A., Musical U Member
Dave A.

"Since the moment I started working on this module, I have started to be able to hear these chords more clearly. It's like I have been shown the common thread between songs that I have never fully realized before."

– Simon R., Musical U Member
Simon R.

Join Musical U Today And Get Instant Access To:

  • 50+ Training Modules. 
    Each has a clearly-defined learning outcome, a step-by-step process to get you there and one or more interactive quizzes so you can be sure you’re mastering the material.
  • Unique LPA Framework For Integrated Ear Training™️.
    With this framework you will learn the essential concepts, practice to develop the core skills, and then enjoy applying your new skills in real musical ways.
  • All Essential Topics Covered.
    Musical U training modules teach you pitch, intervals, chords, rhythm, singing, improvising, playing by ear and more!
  • ​​Fully Flexible Training.
    Go deep on one topic or explore many, your musicality training can be fully tailored to suit you, and the team is on hand to guide you through constructing and adjusting your perfect training plan.
  • ​Roadmaps To Guide You.
    To make it easy to plan your training, we provide Roadmaps for the most commonly-desired “big picture” practical abilities, like playing melodies (tunes) by ear, playing chords by ear, having a tight and versatile sense of rhythm, singing in tune, and improvising your own music.
  • Unlimited Expert Help.
    Any time you need it, the Musical U team is on hand every day to guide you and answer your specific questions to keep you moving forwards.
  • ​A Friendly And Supportive Community That Helps You Learn.
    You’ll find a friendly and welcoming community of music learners just like you inside Musical U. And it’s not just there for idle chit-chat - we’ve seen the power of peer-to-peer learning to accelerate musicality training and our community features are built in a way that actually helps you learn faster.

...and that's not all!

 Instrument-Specific Training

Musical U’s training modules and Roadmaps are designed to work for any instrument, focusing on the “inner skills” and helping you make the connection to any instrument you play. 

For those wanting extra help making the connection, we also offer instrument-specific video tutorials for guitar, piano/keyboard, bass and singing in our optional “Instrument Packs”. 
Instrument Packs
Just select this option during checkout to get access to 30+ mini masterclass sessions each including a video tutorial, reference documents and practice tracks, to help you apply your core Musical U training directly on the instrument.

Hint: If you’re interested in singing but not yet a confident singer, the singing Instrument Pack includes many tutorials aimed at beginners to help with breathing, posture, pitching and more and we recommend it for those who wish to use their voice to help train their ears, regardless of whether you intend to ever perform as a “singer” or not!

 Instrument-Specific Training

Musical U’s training modules and Roadmaps are designed to work for any instrument, focusing on the “inner skills” and helping you make the connection to any instrument you play. 

For those wanting extra help making the connection, we also offer instrument-specific video tutorials for guitar, piano/keyboard, bass and singing in our optional “Instrument Packs”. 
Instrument Packs
Just choose this addon once you're a member to get access to 30+ mini masterclass sessions each including a video tutorial, reference documents and practice tracks, to help you apply your core Musical U training directly on the instrument - plus a monthly Live Q&A Call with our Resident Pro for personal help and support.

Hint: If you’re interested in singing but not yet a confident singer, the singing Instrument Pack includes many tutorials aimed at beginners to help with breathing, posture, pitching and more and we recommend it for those who wish to use their voice to help train their ears, regardless of whether you intend to ever perform as a “singer” or not!

 Bringing You The Best Of The Best

The Musical U team includes some of the world's top experts on modern musicality training - but we're always on the lookout for specialists who can bring something unique and valuable to our members.

In regular masterclasses we invite outside experts to come and share their deepest insights with our Musical U members in a live session which is recorded and then added to our growing Masterclass Library. 

... and more!

“It feels like I am getting one-to-one tutoring.”

– Liam S., Musical U Member
Liam S.

“A gem for folks who want to get more musical.”

– Puja V., Musical U Member
Puja V.
  • All-Inclusive For A Low Monthly Fee. 
    Get full access for just $29.95/month
  • No Contracts.
    There's no long-term commitment, you can cancel easily at any time and not be charged again.
  • Ongoing 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.
    You're always fully covered by our Total Confidence Guarantee.
  Secure Checkout. 
100% Satisfaction Money-Back Guarantee.

“Perfect for what I wanted to do gain a full understanding of music in order to become a better all-round musician”

– Fermin F., Musical U Member
Fermin F.

"For me, one of the best place to study, learn, improve and have nice talks about any subject. 

Musical U is where I can without fear come in and feel like a family."

– David C., Musical U Member
David C.
Member Case Studies

Case Study: Tony R.

Tony developed a passion for recording and allowed other musicians to record in his home studio for years. Along the way, he decided that he’d like to try his hand at playing music and began studying the guitar through a website online. While his technical skills improved on the guitar, he felt that something was missing and began to explore ear training and developing a better instinct for playing music. 

Tony first found Musical U through the show Musicality Now and was immediately attracted to the collaborative nature of the team. He said that he could tell that the team genuinely wanted him to learn these skills, and wasn’t just after a financial transaction. The material complemented his guitar lessons and he was able to began applying his new training to real music quickly.

Tony describes himself as not only a Musical U student, but a Musical U fan. He’s continued to develop as a musician and urges others throughout the community. He calls his membership a patronage to the idea that people have the right to learn these skills and become confident and capable musicians. He says the site has given him a lot, and he’s happy to pass along the skills he’s learned to other musicians. 

Case Study: Sharilynn H.

Sharilynn is a classically trained musician that moved away from music for a career and to raise her family. While she wasn’t able to play as much as she would have liked during those years, she kept music in her household and knew that one day she would return. The opportunity finally came and she was able to begin playing in a big band as the children got older.

Finding herself playing completely new style of music, Sharilynn knew that she had to develop her listening skills. She first joined Musical U through the course The Musician’s Ear and says she was amazed at the depth of the material and how much it related to her goals. The wide variety of different songs and styles helped her develop active listening quickly and it’s now a skill that she uses on a frequent basis. Eventually, she moved onto the membership site and continued to learn more skills and encourage other musicians throughout the community. 

The biggest breakthrough for Sharilynn has been the discovery that she does have a musical ear. While she had previously struggled through ear training at university, she was now able to develop her skills in a step-by-step manner and experience real progress. This gave her the confidence to continue learning and apply the training to her musical life. Being able to pick and choose her learning in a flexible manner with the support of the Musical U team allows her to have never-ending fun and progress with the training. 

Case Study: Min F.

Min grew up and lives in China, where she attended primary school and received a basic music education. But she never had the opportunity to play the piano and had a passion for exploring the instrument in her future. After beginning her professional career in the legal industry, she took a leap of faith and purchased her first piano and began looking for a teacher. To her surprise, most of the teachers in her area scoffed at the idea of someone her age just beginning their music education. She was told she was “too old” to learn music and should stop immediately. But she persisted. 

After making a new years resolution that 2019 was the year she was going to learn music, she stumbled upon Musical U. She loved the structure that Musical U provided to her music education. She’s now able to improvise and play songs by ear, which has greatly increased her repertoire and ability to play songs for her friends.

The biggest breakthrough for Min was the idea that solfa can be used throughout her musical life. In China, solfa is primarily reserved only for primary school music, and isn’t practiced much outside of school. Solfa has been instrumental in providing Min with a musical foundation that can be used in nearly any musical situation she finds herself in. Min is also immersed within the Musical U community and loves to converse with like-minded adult musicians. She says that Musical U is the “best thing that has happened to her this year”.

Case Study: Cathy L.

Cathy has been playing instruments and singing in local community orchestras for several years with her husband. She’s been taking vocal lessons and recently switched from soprano to alto his local choir. When a new director came to their choir, she realized that she had to expand her musical knowledge to be able to learn the new repertoire more quickly. 

Cathy remembers joining Musical U as “my husband was out of town one weekend and that’s a dangerous thing”! She had been receiving the free content from Musical U for some time, but decided to see how much more she could gain with the membership. For her, it wasn’t just the material that was helpful, but seeing how things work together in music which has been enriching. 

She says that being a member of Musical U has greatly helped her develop into her new role as an alto. Singing in harmony has never been one of her strong points, but she’s now able to do it with more confidence and can hear how her vocal line fits into the harmony of the song. The positive encouragement from the community, in addition to having a sense of ownership over her own music learning continues to push her to developing her musicality. 
  • All-Inclusive For A Low Monthly Fee. 
    Get full access for just $29.95/month
  • No Contracts.
    There's no long-term commitment, you can cancel easily at any time and not be charged again.
  • Ongoing 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.
    You're always fully covered by our Total Confidence Guarantee.
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Scroll Down For Even More Case Studies...!

Scroll Down For More Case Studies...!

“I was on my own and felt like I wasn’t progressing with my ear training as fast as I would have liked to. I felt I wanted some more structure and personal help.

I have been surprised at how quickly I’ve been able to recognize chord progressions and intervals in the exercises and in real life. I had minimal ear training in these things prior to Musical U, but I am surprised how quickly the exercises have enabled me to progress.”

– Ashley S., Musical U Member
Ashley S.

"I am very new to the musical world (only 2 years a pianist so far). I really wanted to find a systematic, easy way for me to enhance my capabilities to play by ear and improvise.

My journey here started with learning how to think, plan, and live musically. Then I took the first step in relative pitch, and then I decided that singing would help me to play and think more musically and accurately. Now I’m focusing on rhythm, sight reading, and technique."

– Hoomam N, Musical U Member
Hoomam N.

“My plan for retirement includes learning to play a musical instrument. Being a “techie,” I signed up for music lessons on the keyboard and started to study theory. The theory is easy, but I was a bit nervous about what musicality meant and concerned that I likely didn’t have any. 

To my surprise, Musical U is really designed to enable the user to develop their musicality. The program is completely flexible, with the design being driven by the user’s personal goals and objectives. Progress is self-paced with immediate feedback.”

– Carol G., Musical U Member
Carol G.

“My listening skills were appalling and I was simply aching to improve those. I could sit at a desk and harmonise a melody following the “rules,” but I couldn’t hear what I was writing. I had to improve my listening skills! Talk about being frustrated!

After joining Musical U I’ve discovered that there are others like myself who do not have it all “together.”

Now I listen and try to decipher, and I know how it feels to finally begin to feel as if you are getting somewhere.”

– Leith R, Musical U Member
Leith R.

“Before joining Musical U, I was literally lost on what to do for ear training. I knew about solfège but I didn’t know how important it was and how effective it is to apply it to my own singing in actual songs and harmonies!

I was stuck on having imprecise intonation. Some melodies I tried to sing after hearing them once would not be very precise either. But now, after discovering the importance of solfège and how it can help with my intonation, my skill has improved tenfold."

– Rayhan T., Musical U Member
Rayhan T.

“When I found Musical U I thought the support of a group would be useful and help to keep me engaged and focused. 

I now understand the value of ear training and am equipped with the knowledge & tools to fully appreciate and analyse music.

My ability to associate what I hear with the instrument has improved and I have now been able to easily transcribe a number of tunes that a few months ago would have seemed daunting.”

– Kevin B., Musical U Member
Kevin B.
Musical U membership is charged for on a subscription basis because we know Musical U can continue to deliver real results for you, month after month and year after year.

We think it’s only right that our guarantee works on an ongoing basis too.

Your Musical U membership is covered by our Total Confidence Guarantee.

This means that if at any time you feel you aren’t getting the results you expected – whether that’s because we don’t have the modules you need, you just haven’t been finding the time, or any other reason – and you decide to cancel, you can request a pro-rata refund for any months remaining.

So no more worrying about whether it will work out, or the risk of paying and then not getting your money’s worth.

The Total Confidence guarantee has you covered.
  • All-Inclusive For A Low Monthly Fee. 
    Get full access for just $29.95/month
  • No Contracts.
    There's no long-term commitment, you can cancel easily at any time and not be charged again.
  • Ongoing 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.
    You're always fully covered by our Total Confidence Guarantee.
  Secure Checkout. 100% Satisfaction Money-Back Guarantee.
Musical freedom
Musical freedom

It's Time To Set Your “Inner Natural” Free

Right now you're on the verge of an incredible breakthrough in your musical life.

If you're still reading this then you’re clearly someone who cares deeply about music and are interested to discover what you’re truly capable of as a musician.

Now you could try to take these ideas and go it alone...

You could go out there and cobble together blog posts, YouTube videos, bits and pieces of books and courses and lessons - and try to assemble your own musicality training.

Or you could decide to continue on the path you’ve been on, focusing on instrument technique and note-reading - but never feeling like you’re truly free in music or able to express anything beyond a somewhat robotic rendition of music you’ve carefully learned before.

Wouldn't you rather make it easy on yourself - and enjoy the kind of musical transformation that lets you feel like you too are a natural “talented” musician?

We've invested hundreds of thousands of dollars and almost a decade of work into the training experience available inside Musical U membership and it's designed specifically to:
  • Cover all the bases, so there’s no need to go hunting around for other resources or cobble anything together yourself.
  • Meet you where you are: flexible to suit your background, your aspirations, and adjust to match your progress every step of the way.
  • Provide clear and easy-to-understand explanations, simple step-by-step exercises, and enjoyable musical training activities that all build towards truly substantial new musical abilities.​
Musicality doesn't happen by accident.
If you’re hoping that just diligently practicing your instrument will somehow one day unlock abilities like playing by ear, improvising, writing music, jamming and performing with confidence - sorry to say, you’re setting yourself up for disappointment.

Thankfully it's never been easier to take the active steps required to quickly and easily develop your musicality.

So don't let your potential go to waste.

Don't spend another day struggling in your music learning, feeling like you’re missing something vital, wishing it could all just somehow be easier and come more naturally to you.
Musical U membership features:
  • Instant access to everything you need to succeed.
  • Unlimited personal help from an expert team who truly care.
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee, making it risk-free for you to try.

This is your opportunity to get the same amazing results that thousands of regular music learners before you have already unlocked through Musical U training.

It can happen faster than you imagine - and all it takes is one small step right now.

Just click the button below to join now:
  • All-Inclusive For A Low Monthly Fee. 
    Get full access for just $29.95/month
  • No Contracts.
    There's no long-term commitment, you can cancel easily at any time and not be charged again.
  • Ongoing 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.
    You're always fully covered by our Total Confidence Guarantee.
  Secure Checkout. 
100% Satisfaction Money-Back Guarantee.

"I can’t think of anything better that what I am being offered [here]. 

I am being given the direction I’ve been desperately needing."

– Shane S., Musical U Member
Rayhan T.

“Finally, after struggling for years! Musical U you can be proud of your system. 

Thanks so much for your help.”

– Rita H., Musical U Member
Rita H.
Christopher Sutton
P.S. In case it wasn't already clear: we are a small team of real people who care passionately about getting REAL results for REAL music learners just like you :) 

We're excited for you to join us and discover exactly what you're truly capable of in music.

Just click the button to join now - and I'll see you inside!

Christopher Sutton
Director, Musical U
Frequently-Asked Questions
Who It's For
Q: Is Musical U right for me?
Musical U is designed to help a very wide range of people become more musical. Still, that doesn’t mean it’s right for absolutely everybody.

✗ If you are solely interested in passing exams – then Musical U probably isn’t the right fit.
✗ If you are a professional musician who can already play anything you can imagine, fluently and expressively – then our training material isn’t quite designed for you. You’d still be very welcome in the community, mind you!
✗ If you hate talking to people and you’re determined to learn in isolation without any help, guidance or assistance along the way – then good luck! But Musical U is not for you.

… but if you love music and you want to become more musical, then the answer is “Yes! Musical U is right for you.”

At Musical U we welcome musicians of all abilities, from complete beginners who can’t yet play an instrument or sing, through to accomplished instrumentalists and singers who are looking to develop their musicianship and gain a “natural” freedom in music.

Note: The minimum age for Musical U membership is 16 years old. (There is no maximum!)
Q: Is this suitable for beginners? Do I need to know music theory?
Most members have been learning an instrument or studying music in some way for at least a few months before joining.

However Musical U is designed to be 100% accessible to beginners. No prior knowledge is required.
Q: What if I’m just naturally unmusical?
We don’t believe that’s possible! As long as your ears are fundamentally working (which you can check here), you are capable of developing your musicality.

Many of our students start off fearing they are “unmusical” or just don’t have the “gift” they need to become a musician. In every case, we’ve been able to help them develop their musical skills and realise they are perfectly capable of realising their musical aspirations.
Q: Will this work for my instrument?
The short answer is: yes.

At Musical U we focus on the “inner skills” of musicianship. That means things like recognising notes and chords by ear, imagining music clearly, understanding the music you hear, and knowing how to express your musical ideas. These concepts and skills all apply perfectly to every instrument.

Although we don’t teach the instrument specifics (e.g. how to play a C Major chord on your instrument, or how to improve your fingering) you will be able to take what you learn in Musical U and apply it directly on whatever instrument you play.

In fact, this is one of the major benefits of developing your musicality: that you will find it easy to pick up new instruments and quickly learn to play them too. This is because you begin to actually understand what makes music work, and those core truths are the same for guitar, piano, saxophone, violin, … just about everything!
Q: Will you teach me to play an instrument?

At Musical U we focus on the “inner skills” of musicianship. We feel there are plenty of websites, products, tutorial videos, and (of course!) in-person teachers dedicated to teaching you how to play an instrument – and far too few resources for teaching the real skills of musicality!

With the resources inside Musical U you can learn these fundamental skills of being musical, and then apply them on whatever instrument(s) you play. And of course the community is there if you want to talk about the instrument specifics and how to apply your newly-learned skills on your instrument.

As long as you're at least a few months into learning an instrument you'll get on just fine.

The closest we come to instrument-teaching is in our Instrument Packs for guitar, bass, piano and singing which do cover some instrument technique since they are designed to show you specifically how to apply the core training material directly on those instruments.
Q: I’m a parent/teacher. Can I use this to teach?
Yes, you are very welcome to – but please keep in mind that Musical U is primarily designed for individual self learners rather than multiple people sharing an account.

Musical U provides dozens of in-depth training modules, and you can certainly use these to teach your children or students.

However the system is designed so that your Musical U account represents one person’s musical training. This means that if multiple people use the account then the quizzes, achievements and progress tracking won’t quite work as intended. Likewise for participating in the community: it will be a bit confusing unless you decide that only you will post in discussions!

If you keep the following things in mind then Musical U can work very well for teaching:

- Your member account represents you as the parent/teacher.
- You use the progress tracking only loosely.
- You can adapt all the material and resources from training modules for use in your own lessons.

If you need any specific permission or clarification please get in touch ( and we'll be happy to help!
How It Works
Q: Will I have to scramble to keep up with others?
No, it’s up to you how fast to go.

Musical U is designed to be a fully personalised training system, meaning that you can take every module at your own pace. There’s no deadline to complete the exercises. If life gets busy or you need to take a few days off – no problem! You just continue again when you’re ready.
Q: Do I need to download everything?

Many of the modules inside Musical U do provide downloadable training resources. However, there is no need to download everything: you can use the training modules directly through our website using your browser.
Q: Can I use Musical U on a mobile device (phone, tablet)?

Our online training website is compatible with all modern internet devices and web browsers.

As long as you have some type of web browser (e.g. Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Internet Explorer) on your device, you will be able to use the site successfully.
Q: Do you offer in-person tuition?
Musical U is an online education provider, so we don’t offer any in-person tuition.
Q: Do you provide certificates or accreditation?
We do not currently issue certificates, diplomas or other accreditation for Musical U modules.

However there is detailed progress tracking inside the site so that you can see clearly what you are achieving through your training.
Q: What exactly is included? Can I preview the training?
You can explore previews of almost all the 50+ Training Modules here.

Our  Roadmap previews are also a good way to get a sense of what your training journey might look like.

If you're interested in the optional Instrument Packs you can watch preview videos of almost all the Resource Packs here.

If you have specific questions about what's covered please get in touch by emailing and we'll be happy to help!
Q: What if I get stuck or need help?
At Musical U we specialise in helping adult music-learners succeed with online training materials.

Any time you feel stuck, confused, have a question or need help, our team will be standing by and happy to help. 

The first option is to post in the discussions you'll find throughout the site. Our team will be in there every day answering questions and providing any clarification or tips required.

The second option is to post an update in your "Progress Journal" to share your experiences. Even if you don't have a clear specific question in mind you can often get great assistance this way!

The third option is to contact our team directly if you'd prefer to receive help privately. You can do this by email or using the message system on the site.
Q: If I join now, will I have access to future modules as they’re added?

As new training modules are added to the site they are made available to all current members of Musical U.
Plans And Payment
Q: How do I pay?
You can purchase Musical U membership through our secure order form using a credit or debit card (Visa, MasterCard, or American Express) or with a PayPal account. By linking your PayPal account to your bank account or topping up your PayPal balance in another way it is possible to pay without having a credit or debit card.

Your membership is then automatically renewed using the same payment method. If you need to update your credit card details, change payment method, or cancel your account to prevent automatic renewal you can do this easily through the account management page inside Musical U or contact our support team.
Q: What currency are the $ values in?
All prices are stated in US Dollars.
Q: What if I don’t like it?
We guarantee that you will!

If at any time you find that Musical U is not helping you then just let us know and we will refund 100% of your most recent monthly payment. We'll even provide a pro rata refund for any time remaining if you're on an annual plan. 

You can do this easily through your online account management page or by simply emailing us at
Q: How do I cancel / get a refund?
You may cancel your membership at any time by visiting the "Help" page of the website: instructions.
Any other questions?
We're a people-first company and put heavy emphasis on providing personal support to ensure each and every person who comes to us succeeds with their training.

So if you have any questions about membership (or just want to talk through whether it's right for you) please get in touch. We'll be glad to help :)

Telephone (US): +1 (415) 230 0296
Telephone (UK): +44 203 290 2961

Member Case Studies

"It's rich pickings out there at Musical U. There's a lot of fruit on the tree."

Case Study: Glenn U.

Music had been a part of Glenn’s life since childhood, teaching himself chords and putting various music groups together. While he enjoyed playing, he felt that he was limited to strumming some chords or basic finger picking. The basic theoretical knowledge that he needed to play by ear or work out his own melodies wasn’t there yet. As he entered retirement, he saw the opportunity to take up another instrument and purchased a ukulele. Playing a new instrument was exciting and he began to explore more learning opportunities. While he was doing new things, he still felt that something was missing. 

Musical U appealed to Glenn because he has always felt that he needed to have a good baseline knowledge in whatever he was learning. Having that firm base would then allow him to continue learning more advanced skills. He says he’s found the material quite easy to learn and surprisingly transferable to everything that he was studying in his instrument lessons. 

What Glenn likes the most is that he’s able to go through a lesson in a short period of time and then immediately begin applying what he’s learned on his instrument. He likes the self-paced and flexible learning environment, which he uses to go through the roadmaps and explore topics on his own. He says the interaction between members and the Musical U team is an enjoyable part of his learning and he looks forward to each time he comes to the site. 

"Every bit of feedback I've ever gotten from any of the instructors has been nothing but encouragement, and everything from the other students as well. It's a really positive atmosphere to learn."

Case Study: Sandra S.

Sandra had always wanted to play the bass guitar, but was discouraged from ever really pursuing the instrument because it wasn’t “a girl’s instrument”. After being diagnosed with cancer, her husband bought her a bass guitar and she’s been eagerly learning the instrument while going in and out of treatment. 

Playing the bass wasn’t always easy for Sandra and she found that she needed to become a better music listener. She couldn’t always tell what the bass line was doing, or how it fit into the broader context of the music. Since she was largely playing from lead sheets, she realized that she needed to develop this skill so she could better perform the bass parts and respect the efforts of her fellow musicians. 

Sandra says that being a Musical U member has made a huge difference in her musical life. She’s able to better communicate with her fellow musicians about the context of the song and understand the direction that they are trying to take. She’s learned a lot, and continues to go through the materials. Sandra looks forward to continuing to grow and develop as a musician into the future.

"I actually feel like a musician. I can say that now."

Case Study: Scott K.

Scott has been a musician for most of his life, but music was always just a hobby as he balanced his professional and personal life. His interests have expanded past just playing music, but into recording and writing his own compositions. He came to Musical U to increase his understanding of music and become more confident in his writing. 

When coming into Musical U, Scott says he was impressed with having a team of experts ready to help him. He enjoys being able to develop his own plan for music learning which fits what he’s pursuing musically. The informal, un-graded lessons make the experience a welcome break from his career as a professor and more enjoyable.

In addition to growing as a musician, Scott appreciates the friendships that he’s made throughout the website. While before he felt like he was someone that just “tinkered” with music, he now confidently states that he is a musician. He says it’s been a wonderful experience and he looks forward to continuing to become the musician that he wants to be. 

"The difference is not "the app" but the stuff around it. If you're just using an app, you're more or less on your own."

Case Study: Oli F.

Oli came into music after he started swing dancing and he wanted a better understanding of the music that he was dancing to. After discovering the Musicality Now podcast, he found that the idea of learning to play by ear was something that just made sense to him. After trying a couple of apps that were designed to teach playing by ear, he decided to join Musical U. 

After jumping into Musical U training, Oli appreciated the support and interactive nature of the site. Having other musicians to talk to and a staff to get advice from made a big difference in his ability to express himself musically. 

Oli is encouraged by the quick progress that he’s been able to make. He’s expressing himself musically and is able to learn entire songs by ear in quick fashion. Musical U will be part of Oli’s music learning for a long time into the future. He recognizes that he’s on a long journey and is enjoying every step along the way. 

"An eye-opening journey so far..."

Case Study: R.J.

R.J. had experimented with music in his youth, playing the clarinet and guitar. His family was very supportive of his interest in music, but his music education was derailed by his father’s overseas assignment. Instead of pursuing music further, R.J. became an engineer and raised his family. 

R.J. encouraged his children to learn music, and in turn they urged their father to resume his music studies. After buying a guitar one holiday, he realized that there were things his children understood about music that seemed foreign to him. They were quick to point him in the right direction and he discovered that there was a whole world of music that he hadn’t been exposed to yet.

Since joining Musical U, R.J. says he has found that the "dots are connecting" and he’s gained a greater understanding of the world of music. He’s not content to just play music - his training as an engineer requires that he understands what’s going on with the music. R.J. says this has been an incredibly rewarding experience and he looks forward to studying music for as long as he can. He looks forward to a continued exploration into music and expressing his musicality on the guitar and other instruments.  
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