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  • 50+ Training Modules on pitch, intervals, solfa, chords, progressions, rhythm, playing by ear, improvisation, singing in tune, and more!
  • 6 Proven Roadmaps to guide your training while keeping it fully flexible and personalisable.
  • Community: The most friendly and supportive community of musicians just like you, providing the environment that maximises your training success.
  • Unlimited Personal Support from our expert team to ensure you keep improving.
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Ear Training For Beginners

... And We'll Give You Our 10-Day "Ear Training For Beginners" Course (VALUE: $79) Absolutely FREE!

This highly popular course starts from scratch, with no prior skills or knowledge required. In just 10 days you'll dive deep into the three most important topics in ear training: intervals, solfa and chords. 

And with its unique Integrated Ear Training™ approach means you'll actually be applying every new skill you develop to real musical tasks like playing by ear, improvising and more!
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“As a child I learned piano and took a few years of voice lessons.

I didn’t have any formal ear training. I was stuck on aural identification of musical elements: e.g. intervals, chord qualities, whether a piece is in major vs. minor, etc.

Now at Musical U, I’m working on the roadmap for playing tunes by ear using solfa. The biggest surprise was when I realized I can audiate!

Steady work over time has increased my ability to work out tunes by ear, and to sight-sing based on understanding solfa.”

– Christine P.
Christine P.
Liam S.

“It feels like I am getting one-to-one tutoring.

– Liam S.

“Perfect for what I wanted to do gain a full understanding of music in order to become a better all-round musician

– Fermin F.
Fermin F.

“A gem for folks who want to get more musical.

– Puja V.
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