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ALERT: Special membership offer currently available!

Special membership offer currently available!

Attention ambitious and growth-minded music learners:
Get Game-Changing Musical Insights From World-Class Experts Designed To Rapidly Upgrade Your Musicality Skills…

Delivered Right To Your Door, Anywhere In The World, Each And Every Month! 
For 13+ years now, we’ve taught more than 30,000 music-learners of all skill levels, who play a wide range of instruments, and from every imaginable background…

With the single goal of helping them to unlock the most impressive musical skills…

Such as:
  • ​​Playing any song, solo, or piece by ear with ease
  • ​Jamming creatively with other musicians as effortlessly as you can converse with a friend
  • ​Writing original songs and music that you can be proud to call your own
  • ​​​​Just looking at sheet music and hearing the piece come alive in vivid detail in your mind’s ear
  • ​​Understanding music theory in an intuitive way and be able to apply it to create exciting musical projects of your own - whether that’s rearranging songs, improvising, composing or anything you can think of
  • ​​And much more!
And to achieve this goal we haven’t just been relying on our team’s combined 100+ years of music-teaching experience…
Because we’ve also spent these 13+ years seeking out the world’s best and most brilliant music educators…

(Who are often wildly underrated, totally unappreciated by the masses, and thus hard to find)

And because we have access to this rare collection of experience, resources, and connections to high-level teachers…

We’ve been wondering for some time now:

“What if there was a way we could deliver all of these world-class insights and lessons right to your door, each and every month…. 

So that you could experience huge breakthroughs with some of the most coveted musical skills?”

Which is why we’ve decided to create…

The Brand New

Musical U Membership 

Musical U Membership
And once you’ve accepted our invitation to this exciting new community of musicians…
Your Musical U Membership Will Include...
The Vault
A New Musicality Masterclass Every Month…
… PLUS 20+ In The Library!
Each month, we’ll be inviting a world-class musical expert to share their latest and most cutting-edge insights for over an hour. 

Just one of these insights could dramatically change how you practise, experience, and play music forever…

And while it might cost hundreds of dollars to take a private lesson with these genius educators (if you knew where to even find them)...

When you become a member today, you’ll instantly unlock over twenty of these priceless recorded sessions for FREE

Here are just a handful of the guests and topics we’ve covered in the past:  
  • The fascinating and counterintuitive neuroscience that allows ordinary musicians to learn 5-10 times faster than normal - Gregg Goodhart (a.k.a. “The Learning Coach”)
  • All the common “under the radar” practice habits that could be holding back your music progress, including “chopping wood with a spoon”, “clock watching”, and “red light running” - Jennifer Foxx (highly-regarded “teacher of teachers”)
  • ​The surprising reason why practising easier music can lead to better progress - Dave Isaacs (a.k.a. The Guitar Guru of Nashville).
  • ​3 keys to accelerate your learning and the specific frameworks that help you get the most out of every minute of practice time - Mars Gelfo (creator of best-selling practice tool Modacity)
Imagine being able to just flip on one of these masterclasses, and sit back and relax - knowing you’ll come away with enhanced musicality… 

Discover for yourself why musicians have been calling it “Better Than Netflix”.
Value: $199 + $30/month
The Journey
Our Monthly Value-Packed Digest
"The Journey"
DeliveredTo Your Doorstep, Anywhere In The World...
Every month you’ll be getting a free physical copy of the latest issue of our exclusive “insiders-only” digest, designed to accelerate, boost and uplift your musical progress, every single month. 

Here’s why I’m so confident in that:

Because for the past 13+ years we’ve been scouring the planet for the best teaching methods…

While seeking out world-class experts to work with on every musical topic imaginable…

And then we’ve taken all of the best methods we’ve discovered…

And tested all of them with thousands of ordinary music-learners from every background, instrument type, and skill level imaginable…

Conducting hundreds of “musical experiments” each week for more than a decade…

While taking note of all those intriguing breakthrough moments that unlocked fast progress and dramatic transformations…


We have more game-changing insights hidden away in our archives than we even really know what to do with!

And with this monthly newsletter we’ll be hand picking our most fascinating discoveries to allow you to experience those “aha!” moments that can quickly upgrade your musical skills.

It’s chock-full of ideas, tips, information, interviews, stories, games, entertainment and more, all geared towards helping you along in your own musical journey.
Christopher Sutton 
Director, Musical U
“This is like having the Musical U team show up in person on your doorstep each month, ready to rapidly and enthusiastically share all the latest and greatest musicality goodies with you personally.

Even if all you do with your membership each month is flick through The Journey, and pluck out a golden nugget or two, I know you’re going to find it a game-changer!”
Value: $49/month
Live Q&A
Access To A Mouth-Watering 
Collection of “Members Only” Perks
Thanks to the extensive network of world-class music teachers we’ve built over the past decade…

We’ve been able to pull every possible string and call in every last favour we have to create an exclusive set of goodies just for you.

So when you sign up for our new membership you’ll also get access to steep discounts on some of the most impactful, game-changing, and sought-after music courses on the internet…

Which are not available anywhere else.

And you’ll also get access to exciting bonuses and free resources designed to turbo-charge your progress with music!

And because we’ve partnered with a whole range of top-tier companies and amazing teachers to bring you this…

You’re getting access to a selection of eye-popping discounts, bonuses and free resources which could be worth over $400 for you!

Value: $400+
Live Q&A Call Every Month,
Plus 24/7 Support
No matter what course, program, or educational material you're going through and regardless of what musical challenge you’re currently dealing with…

With this new membership, you’ll never feel lost or stuck.

Because each month you’ll get access to a Live Q&A Call

Where you can speak directly with members of our team and have all of your questions answered in detail (perhaps even with an on-the spot demonstration or tutorial), right there on the call.

Constant Access to a Brilliant Community of Growth-Minded Musicians Like You
Musical U is one of the most wonderful learning environments you’ll probably ever encounter.

Our thousands of students support, encourage and enlighten each other along this shared journey…

Which means that you experience faster, easier, and more enjoyable progress developing your new musical skills.

Just listen to what Musical U member Christine L. had to say about it:

“In the past I often felt that learning music was a lonely journey and sometimes it felt like a chore. But the MU Team and the community have managed to keep my motivation high. 

It goes without saying how well structured the lessons are. In addition to that, reading everybody’s comments is like having a bonus lesson. I sincerely thank you all for that!”
Join The New “Next Generation” Membership Today...
And You Will Get ALL Of This…
  • ​A Value-Packed Monthly Digest, Delivered To Your Door
  • ​Monthly Masterclass PLUS 20+ In The Library
  • ​A Mouth-Watering Collection of “Members Only” Perks
  • ​Monthly Live Q&A
  • ​A Friendly And Supportive Community Like No Other
... for just $49/month!
Christopher Sutton
With this set of resources… 

And exclusive access to some of the world’s best music educators…

You’ll make priceless and musical-life changing breakthroughs with the most impressive and coveted musical skills.

However you won’t even pay FRACTION of that price to get access to all of this today.

Because for just $49 per month, you can secure your place in the brand new Musical U membership today. 
Total Confidence Guarantee
Backed by Our “Total Confidence” Guarantee
We are supremely confident you are going to be blown away with everything inside membership.

But if you ever change your mind, you can cancel (with zero hoops to jump through) and get a full refund of your last monthly payment with no questions asked.

Which means you could take full advantage of this membership for an entire 30 days…

And still get a full refund, so you haven’t paid a single cent. 

We’ll even let you keep your copy of our value-packed monthly digest, containing all of our best insights, lessons, articles, and more for that month - just as our way of saying “thank you” for giving it a try.

It also means you’re always protected from the dreaded “damn, I forgot to cancel” moment when another month’s payment slips by after you intended to end a subscription (we’ve all been there!). 

Our rolling 30-day money-back guarantee has you covered.

So as you can see, we’ve taken all the risk off of you and put it squarely on our shoulders with this rock solid guarantee. 

ALERT! Special membership offer currently available!

Special membership offer currently available!

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