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Have you ever been frustrated or disappointed with your music practice? 

Maybe you felt like there is just never enough time or you don't seem to make any progress even when you do find the time and put in the work.

If you've ever wondered what lets some musicians achieve the highest levels of worldwide success while others remain forever a struggling hobbyist, it's not down to talent and it's not purely about putting in the work. 

Science has shown over the last few decades that so-called talent is almost entirely a myth and there are actually very specific practical things that can make a dramatic difference in how fast anybody learns a skill, including in music.

Despite that research, almost no music learners are actually able to put that into practice and get the benefits....

Music Practice Q&A
with "The Learning Coach", Gregg Goodhart

We're joined for this Practice Q&A by "The Learning Coach", Gregg Goodhart. 

We're going to talk about what to do if you feel like there's just never enough time for practicing music. 

We're going to talk about how to get the biggest bang for your buck, how to make the most of the music practice time you do have. 

We're going to talk about how to break through any problem or sticking point you might encounter in your music learning. 

How to stay motivated and interested and keep up a consistent practice habit.

And how to always feel clear about how you should be spending your practice time.

Let's dive in!

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How To Get Maximum Results In Minimum Time

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How To Conquer Tricky Sections And Break Through Plateaus

Practice Q&A [4/5]
How To Stay Consistent – Without Discipline

Practice Q&A [5/5]
How To Spend Practice Time And Prevent Overwhelm

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