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New Method From Trusted Music Educator Reveals:
How To Easily Master 
Any Music You Want To Play… 
2x, 5x, Even 10x Faster. 
Discover How You Too Can Permanently Transform Your Learning Speed - In Just 30 Days.
Most music learners start out dreaming of being the kind of amazing musician who can play anything

But after trying everything, from in-person lessons to YouTube tutorials and online courses…

They’re still stuck struggling away for painfully-slow progress and extremely limited results. 

And although this might seem like a matter of “talent”...

In fact, by using scientifically-proven “superlearning” methods, it turns out that anyone—including you—can quickly unlock your brain’s ultra-fast learning mode...

And permanently transform the results you get from every minute spent practicing... for the rest of your life.


Superlearning Practice Plan

Musicians Are Talking About The Power Of These Superlearning Techniques...

" I was blown away by the difference!”

– Ashley M.
Ashley M.

“Very easy to see results in a matter of minutes."

– Zane H.
Zane H.

"I had practiced this piece over and over, making minimal progress. Today, after following the assigned exercises, I actually broke through my plateau.”

– Sue T.
Sue T.

"I’m applying this model to my jazz standards. [After using superlearning techniques] I played it several times much better and at a much faster tempo. I was really pleased."

– Gerry F.
Gerry F.

"It’s been turning my practice upside down."

– Andrea N.
Andrea N.

“It is a short process, is efficient and it works."

– Carol S.
Carol S.
The 30-Day Superlearning Practice Plan is for adult musicians and music learners, who want to quickly learn new music, master their instrument, and easily and permanently remember all the music they’ve learned before — without struggling, getting stuck or frustrated, or feeling like they must have just reached their limited natural potential.
The sad truth is that more than 90% of people who start learning an instrument give up within a couple of years. 

And that’s no surprise really, given the limited results and slow progress they get, no matter how much time and energy they pour into their musical life.


Did you know there’s another way?

A way of learning music which not only drastically accelerates your progress…

But also reveals exactly why you’ve never felt like music comes easily or naturally to you…

And why—no matter how many weeks, months, years or even decades you’ve spent learning—you’re still so far from being the amazing musician you once dreamed of becoming.

It’s easy to blame yourself, or feel like you just don’t have what it takes to achieve that in music. 

But it’s not your fault.

You Want To Be That Incredible Musician Who Can Learn To Play Anything, Fast…

And Instead You’ve Always Found It Hard To Learn New Music Or Master Your Instrument.

The reality is unless you fundamentally change the way you practice, you’ll always continue to struggle.

No matter how much time, energy and effort you invest.

Because it’s not about a lack of effort on your part…

And it’s certainly not about a lack of natural “talent” (even though I know it can really seem that way)...
  • You’ve tried using the standard, traditional methods… and found yourself learning much slower than you feel you should, frequently getting stuck, and always feeling like things just don't "click" for you.
  • You’ve tried following YouTube tutorials or even online courses for your instrument… constantly jumping from thing to thing… trying desperately to put together a clear learning path… but ending up just frittering your time away, without any real progress to show for it.
  • You’ve been constantly looking out for new books, courses, teachers, hoping one will finally feel easy and fast… and all the while, you’ve felt your enthusiasm and motivation gradually slipping away.
And as if all that wasn’t bad enough, what’s worse is this:

If you don’t do something about this now — you risk the same fate as the 90% of musicians whose devotion and willpower simply isn’t enough to overcome all those frustrations.

You’ll run out of steam completely… 

Leaving your instrument to gather dust…

And your musical dreams to slowly wither and die.

What If All Of Those Frustrations And Apparent Limitations…
Had Nothing To Do With You
And Everything To Do With The Way You Practice?

And look, I’m not talking about just “working on the right things”...

Or “optimising the time you spend in each practice session”...

Or any simple, generic advice you’ve heard a thousand times before, like:
  • Keeping up a consistent practice habit
  • Staying focused during practice
  • Using a metronome
  • ​Spending time on exercises as well as repertoire
  • ​Writing a practice log
Don’t get me wrong - all those things are fine. They’re great.

But they will never get you the results you deserve. 

Or even a tiny fraction of the results and learning speed you’re truly capable of.

So at this point you’re probably wondering:

What will unlock that true potential for you?

It’s something that 99% of music learners (and even most music teachers and professional musicians) simply don’t know about

… and yet it’s the same thing which explains:
  • Why some people seem to just “naturally” learn music fast - while the vast majority need to struggle and strain for every inch of progress
  • How some children appear to be “prodigies”, mastering their instrument at lightning speed - while other, even extremely bright and hard-working children make no progress at all.
  • The way some people can memorise an entire deck of cards in 30 seconds - while others can’t even remember what they had for breakfast this morning.
It all comes down to a set of unusual practice techniques…

Which some people discover accidentally (and then get declared “talented”)...

But have now been extensively researched and validated by scientists at leading institutions around the world like Harvard, MIT and Cambridge University…

These so-called “Superlearning” techniques can allow anyone to learn any skill and memorise any material at double, five times, or even ten times the normal speed.

That’s no exaggeration.

Once you discover how these Superlearning techniques work, you’ll easily understand exactly why up to 90% of your practice efforts have simply been wasted up until now.

Learn these techniques for yourself and change the way you practice - and you too can enjoy the kind of rapid progress that will make friends, family and other musicians think you too must have been born “talented”.
Until 2020, these techniques were hidden away in the scientific literature.

But then our ground-breaking course Musical Superlearning (named one of the “5 Best Online Music Courses” by Soundbrenner in 2022) put it all within reach of average, everyday musicians.
Best Music Courses
Now 3,549 musicians later…

Playing every instrument, from guitar and piano to blues harmonica and mountain dulcimer…

Every style, from classical through to rock, electronic, and metal…

And ages from teen to well over 80 years old…

It’s now clear as day: these techniques can turn anyone into an apparent “prodigy” - no matter how much they might have struggled in the past.

These Techniques Can Work For Anyone

"I  used to think that I hadn't got enough time to practice... Now I've got loads more out of my practice time and I've made far more, progress."
"It's been a real eye-opener for me."
"To accomplish something so phenomenal in just five minutes of effort has just been remarkable to me. I would not have expected to make that kind of progress with so little effort."
"You can achieve more than I achieved in ten years in half an hour, easily."
"Something's working and it's working well."
"This is life-altering for me, something I was looking for for years."

It Even Works For Apparently "Hopeless" Cases...

This is Chris W., a retired 70-year old from Britain, who had been trying to learn piano for almost two decades. 

Over the years he had tried every method book and course he could find. Even some more unusual techniques like visualisation and self-hypnosis. But he felt like he could still barely play any of the pieces he really wanted to. 
Chris W.
Then Chris was diagnosed with Parkinson's Disease.

And he started to think he would never crack it. He would never become a pianist like he'd always wanted to.

With stiffening joints and limited practice time due to his medication, he started to hear that little voice at the back of his head saying: "You're never gonna do this. You're never gonna play the piano. Why do you keep going? Why do you put this time and effort in?"

Fortunately, Chris didn't give up. 

And then he discovered superlearning.

Even though he was skeptical to begin with, in a matter of just a few weeks, everything changed.

Suddenly he was able to pull out even the pieces which had been most challenging for him in the past - and rapidly make progress and start playing them.

"I'm so pleased," he says. "I really feel different about playing the piano now. You're talking about a small number of weeks after a period of frustration that had lasted years. Now I know, I'm going to be a pianist."

Over the past few years we’ve been proud that the course has helped so many people achieve such incredible results.

But it was still a large investment of time and money for them to learn these powerful techniques…

And we knew there was more we could do.

That’s why we knew we had to create something new.

Distilling out the most powerful elements of that best-selling and ultra-popular course…

And adding in all the extra tips, tricks and techniques we’ve learned helping thousands of students master superlearning over the past few years…

To create something we think just might be even more powerful…

It’s called the 30-Day Superlearning Practice Plan. And it’s specifically designed for adult musicians and music learners just like you, who want to become an incredible musician - but have been stuck using the traditional methods that will never get them there.

And you’ll be relieved to know that the 30-Day Superlearning Practice Plan isn’t going to cost you thousands of dollars like a semester at music college... or even hundreds of dollars like an online course....

Instead, for a limited time, it’s only $97…


Superlearning Practice Plan
This easy-to-follow 30-day plan walks you through rapidly learning whatever new material you choose…
While equipping you with a whole toolkit of techniques and methods you can then use to learn ANYTHING at 2x, 5x, even 10x the normal speed.
This is for any adult musician (from beginner through to pro) who wants learn new music quickly, master their instrument, easily remember any music they've learned before — without ever again feeling like a "slow learner", getting stuck and frustrated, or having to rely on traditional slow “brute-force” methods.


Your learning speed getting faster and faster, beyond what you thought possible, even for a young and "talented" musician.

You glide smoothly through mastering passages and techniques that previously would have been huge hurdles or even total blockers for you…

You make more progress in a single session than you used to in a week, and now learn things which would have taken you months before, in just a matter of days…

And before you know it, you realise you now have total confidence to tackle any new music or performance opportunity, knowing you can blast through learning anything at lightning speed and play it at your best.


  • Feel like learning music comes easily and naturally to you, getting the hang of new pieces, instrument technique and all other musical skills with ease and joy.
  • Effortlessly absorb the powerful toolkit of "superlearning" techniques which let you learn to play anything, fast - and remember things reliably and permanently.
  • Wave goodbye to struggle and disappointment, and discover what it’s like to experience total musical freedom, and the deep pride and satisfaction that comes from tapping into your true potential.
  • Leap from always struggling… to feeling like learning music is a breeze - and all in just 30 days.


You tried using traditional methods, but had no luck…

… because frankly, the traditional methods are incredibly wasteful of your time and effort.

You followed YouTube tutorials or online courses for your instrument, but felt constantly disappointed…

… because all those tutorials are simply the same “old” methods brought online.

You tried a whole variety of different methods, teachers, courses, maybe even new instruments, hoping something would finally "click". But ended up stuck… 

… because none of them leverage the proven superlearning techniques, which so-called "talented", "gifted", "prodigy" or "virtuoso" musicans have secretly always used to achieve their seemingly-magical feats.

I get it - because I’ve been there myself.

Hi, I’m Christopher Sutton.

And although these days I’m the Director of Musical U, where we’ve helped tens of thousands of regular, everyday musicians unlock the skills that most people think take “talent”...

I wasn’t always the expert I am today…

I was absolutely not a “gifted” musician.

In fact I always felt extremely untalented.

All my life I struggled with instrument learning and getting the hang of new music.

I seemed to have a “bad memory”, always finding it hard to memorise and retain new pieces and songs, always struggling and failing.
Christopher Sutton

I tried all the methods I could find. 

15 different teachers, across half a dozen different instruments. 

Endless “method” books.

All different styles and genres.

And in case you think I was just lacking commitment and jumping from thing to thing - this was a journey of 20 years! 

I was fully dedicating myself to trying each and every new avenue…

I just never seemed to find one that ever made it feel like I was getting anything like the results or the speed of learning I instinctively knew should be possible…

I was repeatedly having to settle for slow progress and extremely limited results.

Nothing worked…
Until I finally discovered the so-called “superlearning” techniques that completely flipped everything I’d been told about learning on its head.

Once I figured out how to use these techniques to tap into my TRUE potential for learning rapidly, my ability to learn music changed forever.
I was finally the kind of musician who can learn to play anything, fast… feel total freedom to learn anything I chose to… and enjoy the sense of deep pride and satisfaction that comes from knowing you are living up to your fullest potential in music.

And then our online course went on to deliver those same kinds of results for 3,000+ music learners of all kinds.

Now I want the same for you…

The 30-Day Superlearning Practice Plan lets you learn to play anything, fast - by sharing the exactly step-by-step methods that unlock skills most people think take "talent". 

It is the only practice system that can PERMANENTLY double your learning speed (or more) - in just 30 days.


Superlearning Practice Plan

The 30-Day Superlearning Practice Plan

A easy-to-follow day-by-day plan that lets you effortlessly absorb the whole toolkit of superlearning techniques WHILE you do your regular music practice each day.
Superlearning Practice Plan
Inside you’ll discover:
  • How all the traditional and “standard” practice methods have been CHEATING you out of the results you deserve.
  • Why your brain’s only really in “full learning mode” for the first few repetitions you do - even if it feels like you’re really concentrating.
  • The exact practice methods used by child “prodigies” (including the great masters of the past like Mozart)
  • ​How world champion memory specialists can memorise things rapidly and retain those memories long-term - with no natural advantages and less time than you’re probably spending on learning new music right now.
By the time you finish following this plan you will have dramatically upgraded your music learning speed... forever.
Value: $299


How To Memorise Music Fast, And Remember It Forever

A in-depth guide which reveals the memorisation techniques used for decades by world-champion memory experts, so you can RAPIDLY memorise new music AND retain it in your-long term memory without fail.
Value: $97

How To Easily Find Plenty Of Time To Practice (Even If You Don’t Have One More Minute To Spare)

A mind-blowing report on multiple ways you can find more time to practice every day, designed specifically for busy professionals who do NOT have much time for music learning, so you can always easily find plenty of time to make more progress in music than you could dream of.
Value: $47

A Full Set Of "Application Wizards"

A full set downloadable and printable "cheat sheets", so you can easily apply your new superlearning "toolkit" to enjoy rapid success with any piece, song, method book or course, or instrument you've tried learning in the past (or any you want to in the future).
Value: $47

Total Value: $490

Your Price Today: Just $97!

How Can I Know If This Will Work?

  • This is not theory - it’s all well-proven scientific fact. Researchers at leading institutions around the world have spent decades conducting careful studies to pin down exactly how to flip the brain into ultra-fast learning mode and make memorisation take a fraction of the time. Superlearning techniques might still be an “underground secret weapon” for the musicians who know them… but they’re as much a scientific fact as the force of gravity.
  • We don't just teach accelerated learning; we actually do it. Everyone on the Musical U team is a passionate musician themselves and we’ve used these EXACT superlearning techniques for ourselves - and then coached thousands of regular, everyday music learners to achieve these breakthroughs for themselves.
  • Nobody is better positioned to create this extremely high-impact Practice Plan for you. We’re not just repeating what other people have said about this. Yes, there has been extensive scientific research and there are other people teaching the well-established principles. But we’ve spent an additional three years working directly with adult music learners online - extending, amplifying, and (dare I say) perfecting these techniques and how to teach them.
That’s why, regardless of your existing abilities, your past experience, your age, instrument or preferred style of music… 

You can know with certainty that you too can:
  • Start learning ultra-fast
  • Memorise and remember music with ease
  • Break through long-standing sticking points and plateaus
… and achieve more than you ever dreamed possible.

This will work for you.

You Too Could Be Experiencing Breakthrough Results Like These...

"I have seen a difference in all areas of my playing – sometimes get ‘ooh, did I really just play those bars, at that speed?’ kind of a feeling,”

– Elizabeth M.
Elizabeth M.

"What I truly love, love, love about this process is that I’m making such phenomenal progress without investing huge amounts of time – so awesome!"

– Chris M.
Chris M.

"I’ve gained more confidence in my ability to learn. 

I don’t anymore feel weighed down by the thought that some things will take ages to get through because the process is engaging and even fun."

– Tricia E.
Tricia E.

"Having completed the last two weeks I felt a huge improvement in my pieces. When I played them for my teacher he was massively impressed with my progress. It’s fantastic when others are able to hear the progress we think we’ve made."

– Hugh M.
Hugh M.

"Practice no longer makes me feel grumpy and frustrated because I now know it works. I now feel enthusiastic about starting my practice routine”

– Chris W.
Chris W.


– Steve L.
Steve L.

This Is Right For You If You Are...

  • Ready to rethink the way you practice, to start learning new music astonishingly fast and remembering it with ease.
  • Ready to STOP using traditional methods - and instead adopt the methods that really work.
  • Willing to follow a simple step-by-step plan for this counterintuitive (but scientifically-proven) method that lets you finally master your instrument

This Is Not Right For You If You Are…

  • Not open to rethinking the way you practice, to finally learn new music quickly.
  • Addicted to following YouTube tutorials or online courses for your instrument, even though they never really deliver the results you hope for.
  • Unwilling to follow instructions, and prefer to just make it up as you go along.
  • ​Deadset on settling for your apparent limitations (meaning slow progress and limited results) instead of considering that you could be capable of so much more.
Please Note: If any of those apply, then 30-Day Superlearning Practice Plan is NOT for you.
Listen, I’m a lifelong passionate music learner just like you. I understand the risk you feel when deciding to invest in a digital product. You work hard for your money and don’t want to waste it on something that doesn’t get results.

I’m extremely proud of the products we create at Musical U and I know anyone who buys them and uses them will be thrilled with their purchase.

That’s why I’m offering a 90-day money back guarantee.

While I can’t guarantee that The 30-Day Superlearning Practice Plan will turn you into a world-class prodigy overnight, I can guarantee your total satisfaction with the quality of the product.

So if for any reason you’re not entirely happy with The 30-Day Superlearning Practice Plan at any time within 90 days of your purchase, we’ll promptly issue a full refund for you - no hassle, no fuss.


What’s standing in the way of you finally unlocking your true potential to learn new music quickly, master your instrument, and easily remember all the music you've learned before?

I know how hard it can be to translate the scientific jargon from university research papers into actual step-by-step actions for music practice. 

And frankly I’m tired of these POWERFUL methods being available only to a select few, when they can transform the lives of so many musicians around the world… and save so many from unnecessarily struggling, suffering and disappointment… not to mention that terrible fate of giving up on music completely.

That's why we designed The 30-Day Superlearning Practice Plan.

Making it easy for you, by laying everything out in a simple, clear, step-by-step way. 

Incorporating everything we've learned in the past 14 years about helping adult music learners unlock their true musical potential. 

And adding in all the tips, tricks, techniques and insights we've gained in 3+ years specifically helping 3,549 adult music learners to 2x… 5x… even 10x their results using proven superlearning techniques..

When you click the "YES! I WANT THE 30-DAY SUPERLEARNING PRACTICE PLAN NOW" button below, you’ll be brought to a secure checkout page where you can enter your payment information and unlock instant access to everything that’s included.

This is a special offer and will be going up in price soon. You don’t want to miss this opportunity.
Superlearning Practice Plan
Superlearning Practice Plan
Perfect for any musician who's tired of wasting time for minimal progress - and is ready to learn dramatically faster and break through any apparent sticking points with ease.

  • 30-Day Superlearning Practice Plan
  • BONUS: How To Memorise Music Fast, And Remember It Forever
  • BONUS: How To Easily Find Plenty Of Time To Practice (Even If You Don’t Have One More Minute To Spare)
  • ​BONUS: A Full Set Of "Application Wizards"
  • ​Unlimited Personal Support Via Discussion Boards
  • ​90-Day 100% Satisfaction Money-Back Guarantee

Plus Receive A Set Of Bonuses Worth $191

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Frequently-Asked Questions
Q: What if I’m not sure I have time to use it?
The 30-Day Superlearning Practice Plan was created so you don’t have to find any extra time to dedicate. We’ll show you exactly how to use this plan for the 20-30 minutes of practice you're most likely already doing (or can start doing), so you can achieve being an amazing musician who can learn to play anything, fast.
Q: What if I just can't do it on my own?
We offer unlimited personal support via a dedicated discussion board inside our secure members area.

We designed the Plan to be extremely usable as a “DIY” resource for you to apply yourself. 

But if you do have any questions or need help, we are standing by to make sure you succeed.
Q: Will this work for my instrument/style of music?
The short answer is: Yes.

These superlearning techniques have been proven across an extremely wide variety of instruments, ability levels and styles of music, with musicians from teenage through to retirement age and beyond. 

The 30-Day Superlearning Practice Plan was specifically designed to work well for you, whatever your musical life, background, current skills, and future goals may be.
Q: Where can I find out more about these “superlearning” techniques and the research behind them?
You can learn about the fundamentals of superlearning in this interview with the field’s pioneering researcher Professor Anders Ericsson:

The Truth About Talent, with Professor Anders Ericsson

Then there is more about the applications of accelerated learning to music in this interview with world-leading expert “The Learning Coach” Gregg Goodhart, with whom we developed the original Musical Superlearning course: 

Here are some of the key publications in the scientific literature:

“The Role of Deliberate Practice in the Acquisition of Expert Performance.” Ericsson, K. Anders, Ralf Th. Krampke, and Clemens Tesch-Romer. Psychological Review 100.3 (1993): 363-406. Print.
​​​“Peak: Secrets from the New Science of Expertise” Anders Ericsson and Robert Pool, Eamon Dolan Books Paper (2017). Print.
​“Unleashing Talent” Iznaola, Ricardo., European Guitar Teacher’s Association (UK). Guitar Journal, No. 5. Cockfosters, UK. Web, 1994.
• ​“What Makes a Musician” Posner, Michael., European Guitar Teacher’s Association (UK). Guitar Journal, No. 5. Cockfosters, UK. Web, 1994.
​​​“Talent Is Overrated” Geoff Colvin. Portfolio (October, 2008). Print.
“Talent Development vs. Schooling” Bloom, Benjamin S., and Lauren Sosniak. Educational Leadership. 39.2 (November. 1981): 86-94. Print.
“​Brain Changes in the Development of Expertise: Neuroanatomical and Neurophysiological Evidence about Skill-Based Adaptations.” Hill, Nicole M. and Walter Schneider. The Cambridge Handbook of Expertise and Expert Performance. Cambridge, 2006. (653-682). Print.
• ​​“The Talent Code”​ Daniel Coyle. Bantam (April, 2009). Print.
“​Development and Adaptation of Expertise” Zimmerman, Barry J. The Cambridge Handbook of Expertise and Expert Performance. Ed. K Anders Ericsson, Neil Charness, Paul J. Feltovich, Robert R. Hoffman. New York: Cambridge, 2006. (705-722). Print.
• ​“Neuroplasticity: The Brain’s Ability to Change Itself” Thompson, Gary. Lukenotes 14.2 (2010). Print.

And we can also recommend this helpful summary of some of the most impactful books in the field.

Finally, our own extended superlearning methodology which we have developed over the past several years at Musical U, and which is used in the Superlearning Practice Plan, is discussed in these videos: 
Watch Now
Q: Do I need internet access to use this?
No - the Plan itself and the bonus guides and Application Wizards are all provided as downloadable PDFs which you can view electronically on any device or print out if you prefer.

If you choose the optional "video pack" then those videos are available for you to stream which does require an internet connection.
Q: What if I decide this isn't for me?
No problem. We stand by my 100% money-back guarantee within 90 days of purchase, making this a truly risk-free opportunity for you to try it for yourself.
Any other questions?
We're a people-first company and put heavy emphasis on providing personal support to ensure each and every person who comes to us succeeds with their training.

So if you have any questions about the course (or just want to talk through whether it's right for you) please get in touch. We'll be glad to help :)

Telephone (US): +1 (415) 230 0296
Telephone (UK): +44 203 290 2961

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